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Legacy Warriors (Complete Series)
Written by Susi Hawke
Narrated by John Solo

Their parents were the ones to seal the portal that separates our world from the realm of the Fae. The goddess has a new job for this generation of legacy descendants… but first, she has a few tasks for them.

The Legacy Warrior books are an mpreg shifter series that follows the adult adventures of the children born in The Blood Legacy Chronicles. Their journey begins in book one where the first couple wake after mating to find themselves being drafted by the goddess Artio to help her uncover an ancient artifact. Over the course of the series, the main couples, or legacy warriors, are given a series of four tasks that will enable them to do the job that the goddess has longed planned for their futures. A beguiling mix of fun, fantasy, friendship, and family—this series will take your breath away.
This bundle contains all four books from this best-selling series. Five brand-new epilogues have been included to show you what happened after the fighting ended and the real adventure of living happily ever after began. Note: this series is the fourth spinoff in the world that began with The Northern Lodge Pack also from this same author.

Prize — Alpha jaguar Connor is one of a set of powerful, psychic triplets. He has always known that his friend Oni, a feisty omega lion shifter, is destined to be his mate. From their sexy first time to being tasked with a mission from Artio, this pair is off on a wild adventure across the globe… while Connor tries not to incur the wrath of his diminutive, omega father-in-law, Jun.

Tear — Jon, one of the all-powerful triplets, is a wild-child who’s just waiting for the day that his predestined mate catches his scent. Jude, a laid-back coyote shifter, is thrilled to be with Jon. He’s not quite as happy about his pregnant mate having to fight an unknown evil while they handle the goddess’ second task.

Heart — Sammy, although one of the triplets, constantly second-guesses himself. The only thing he doesn’t doubt is that the loud, life of the party, alpha leopard Kyle is meant to be his mate. While on their honeymoon, they rescue a pair of cheetah cubs—shifter children stuck in fur form. They have to deal with their task for the goddess, take care of the cubs and figure out where they came from—all while Sammy is pregnant himself.

Soul— Toby is a large alpha bear who’s been cursed with clumsiness. While his family and friends all lovingly tease him, his fated mate and best friend staunchly defends him. Aaron, a vegan wolf shifter, is one of the few members of the pack with no psychic gifts… or is he? Toby and Aaron have a hefty task in front of them as they race to complete the final task and defy the ancient being trying to stop them at every turn, while also dealing with a surprise pregnancy.

These books are all intended for 18+ readers only. They contain adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways and enough potty mouth language to make a sailor blush. Keep an eye out for a broken boner, fun-loving gargoyles, a powerful goddess and her playful Fae lover, and more than a few beloved character appearances from the previous series. This bundle contains the complete series plus bonus epilogues for over 100,000 words of fun.

Note: This is the fourth series set in the same universe. Each series can be read on its own, but if you want to read the world in its entirety, the suggested series reading order is: The Northern Lodge Pack, The Northern Pines Den, The Blood Legacy Chronicles, and finally, Legacy Warrior

Their parents were the ones to seal the portal that separates our world from the realm of the Fae. The goddess has a new job for this generation of legacy descendants… but first, she has a few tasks for them.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5+
🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 4.5

Fated mates, fun, steam, and adventure! Great bundle!!

I must say I’m thankful for Susi “whos who” at the beginning of each book if this bundle because I still get confused with all the different interconnecting families. I feel like I need a visual family tree to know who comes from who and who’s related to who, there’s just so many of them!

This whole series (and all its counterparts) are great no angst, fated mates, mpreg stories, with heat, fun, and humor. They are all great short reads and/or listens!

— Connor (Alpha Jaguar) & Oni (Omega Lion)

I loved Connor and Oni! It took a little while for me to immerse myself in this world again and get everyone’s names straight but I loved Connor’s strength, care and love for Oni and once I was drawn in I was hooked!

Connor and Oni’s take is adventurous and funny and I loved the opening stage of the Goddess quest. I also loved Oni’s somewhat scary omega father Jun and his fierceness and teasing he loves to dish out to Connor.

A great start to the Legacy Series

— Jude (Alpha Leopard) & Jon (Omega Jaguar)

I love laid-back Jude and found his and Jon’s mating so much fun! I loved that all the fated couples seem to have a past that only includes each other and they’re coming together(s), have all been unique and special. I loved that Jon stands up for himself and has some extra strength (and domination) in him even while pregnant! Another great adventure from the Goddess, even though it might be a little more danger than Jude likes.

— Kyle (Alpha Coyote) & Sammy (Omega Jaguar)

Aww, sweet Sammy and Kyle are just wonderful together. I love Kyle’s lack of filter and how he gives Sammy the confidence he needs to stop second-guessing himself. I loved that their family grows even before they have their triples and love the care, kindness and heart these two show, each other, two orphaned Cheetahs and their whole pack and family. A heartwarming addition!!

— Toby (Alpha Bear) & Aaron (Omega Wolf)

OMG! Save the best and funniest for last! I loved poor clumsy Toby from the star and for him to find his mate in Aaron, aww such a perfect, loving match!

I’m so glad the Goddess included these two in the quest and Toby and Aaron’s mating would be uniquely theirs without some of Toby’s unfortunately timed clumsiness, that results in some totally cringeworthy hilarity at Aaron’s manhoods expense. I felt for both Aaron and Toby during their mating but couldn’t help but laugh at it all.

I loved Toby and Aaron, their adventure and bond was the perfect conclusion for this group of friends! And I especially loved that Toby’s clumsiness saves the day!!


The specially added epilogues were an awesome bonus at the end of this and give you another little taste of each couple and their families! A great ending treasure!!!

Really great narration by John Solo on this great collection! I really enjoyed the whole series and need to go back (and forward) for more of these guys, their families, and their futures!!

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