The Wolf Who Saved Christmas
by Athena Blaez

Baxter Lawson doesn’t like the holidays. He especially doesn’t like Christmas. But when his well meaning Aunt Hilde throws her stunningly handsome single neighbor Baxter’s way, maybe the holiday won’t be a complete wash. 

Let’s face it, a gift like Logan Price isn’t the kind you return to the store. 

When a Christmas tree and ornaments disappear right before a community Christmas Eve party, and their scheduled Santa is nowhere to be seen, Baxter is given no choice but to step in. Luckily for him, he won’t be spending Christmas Eve solving this problem alone. Using his wolf powers for good, he and Logan search for a way to make it right before the party is ruined. After all, if you think he’s going to stand by and let someone else’s Christmas be ruined…you have another think coming. 

The Wolf Who Saved Christmas is a sugary-sweet first installment in a holiday-themed series. This 18k novella features a VERY slow burn romance, a reluctantly festive Alpha wolf, a spitfire aunt, bad Dean Martin impersonations, a John Deere mower, and a creative use for kinetic sand. The Wolf Who Saved Series will follow Baxter and Logan book to book while building on their relationship, so hold on tight! We’re starting off slow, but by the end, you’ll never want to say goodbye.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 stars 
🔥🔥 Heat Level: 2; very slow-burn, meet-cute, great starter, good character chemistry.

A wonderful start to the series

I really enjoyed this novella and alway marvel at writers who can create a whole world with so few words, such a talent! While a short read it is detailed, entertaining and heartwarming. A great start to the series and I look forward to seeing more of Baxter and Logan. Athena was able to set the scene for an unfortunately troubled Christmas eve which is saved by a wolf with a heart of gold. I liked the foundation setting Athena created and am looking forward to learning more about Baxter’s past. I enjoyed the connection between Baxter and Logan and could feel their chemistry. While the book is only short and ends with a kiss or two I really enjoyed their dynamic and look forward to seeing what Athena has up next for Baxter and Logan. As it is known I love wolves and am definitely looking forward to the next in this series!!

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