REWIND is a second chance M/M contemporary romance novel set entirely in France. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story without a cliffhanger.

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About Rewind:

The day Enzo Chevalier lost his hearing, everything changed. Forced to rebuild his future and fight for his dreams, Enzo refused to let anything take him down…until the man of his life walked out on him and shattered his heart. 

Florian Beaudry had his whole life figured out. His business was flourishing and everything was settling down at last. Or so he believed…until he walked in on his girlfriend and best friend.

Still on the rebound and unable to trust another man, Enzo never expected a chance encounter with Florian. The one person he thought he would never see again. The one person he missed the most. 

 Were they truly meant to get a second chance or were they doomed from the start?

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.75

Wow, what a story! So much heart, incredible!

I loved this story. An epic second chance romance, eight years in the making. Rowan’s writing is a joy to read, easy flow and so much detail and heart in each word! As a fellow bi/queer person, I appreciate her attention to detail of what being bi can entail and the biphobia/homophobia elements were so real, it felt like real life, which in many ways is very saddening. That being said these elements could be triggering for some readers. The book also features (youth) homelessness, parent abandonment, homophobia, hate crimes, HoH/Deaf discrimination, parental lies, features a physical attack and alludes to sickness and working on the street which could be triggering to some readers. Please read carefully.

Enzo and Florian are perfect together! They happen upon each other at the near perfect time in their adult lives and they realize their passion and love for each other never faded! I must say I hate when parents interfere/lie/make decisions for their children in the name of ‘what’s best’ and this is featured heavily in Enzo’s situation. Enzo and Florian are 18 when they are attached violently (for PDA) and the encounter leaves Enzo deaf. Enzo’s parent’s lie to him and say Florian now wants nothing to do with him and hasn’t called or came to visit. This is of course not true and the parents simply want someone to blame, which is ridiculous! Florian is disowned by his parents after the attack and forced to live on the streets until a friend finds him and his family takes him in. Rowan does an incredible job create the emotions around these situations, I felt the frustrations, dislike, outrage, confusion, betrayal etc for each character!

While the story is not overly long is is an incredible journey and epic second chance for Enzo and Florian. The love these two characters share flies off the page and you can’t help but fall in love with them too. A wonderful story of life, it’s challenges and its ups and downs, with loveable characters and talented writing; it’s a story you’ll fall in love with. A highly recommended read and I very much look forward to more stories from France by Rowan! Loved it!!

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logo.jpgAbout the Author

Rowan Shaw is a human being from Planet Earth (originally from the country of France). She’s also the queer author of Rewind, an MM romance series set entirely in her home country.

Addicted to reading and writing, Rowan can usually be found with a book in her hands or sitting in front of her computer typing some kind of story while listening to music from the 80s.

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