Acts of Treason
(The Line of Succession, #2),
by Harry F. Rey

Four months have passed since the birthday party where Princess Katyn came into James’ life and gave the country hope of a royal wedding. Andrew is now a journalist, but he’s still up to his old tricks, spinning stories of the impending engagement of James and Katyn. Fortunately, the public are lapping up the fairytale royal romance. In reality, James and Andrew’s relationship is struggling to survive the weight of their separation, always one bad headline away from disaster.

The expected engagement has cornered James, and he’s acting out in ever more dangerous ways. The Queen has made it crystal clear she wants a wedding and an heir, and will stop at nothing to achieve it…not even murder.

As Princess Alexandra ramps up her feminist plan to forever shift the line of succession, she tasks her husband Faisal with roping in Andrew to her schemes by promising him a normal life with James. Only, it comes with a high price…treason.

Meanwhile, Lizzie pursues her own, far deadlier agenda. She’s finished holding onto secrets, and these particular secrets are the kind which, if they ever got out, could blow the entire line of succession wide open.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5

So intense! Sex, intrigue, scandal, and deceit are just the beginning!!

As salacious as the first installment but with a few more seriously deadly twists. The story picks up just after the last book so is definitely not a standalone. We are drawn into this soap-opera worthy world of the corrupt and scandalous Royal Family. James and Andrew have been, somewhat separated for four months and their (only just still a secret) relationship is now on fracture glass. Can it weather the upcoming bomb, aimed right for the heart of this Royal Family!?!

While James and Andrew won’t speak their minds to each other, they (unfortunately) undermine each other and think they know what’s best without valid communication.  James’s twin Alexandra, continuing her plan to overthrow the monarchy’s law of who can rule, and take her brother’s place instead and become Queen. Her manipulation and deceit knows no bounds, even sending her husband in to do her dirty work. While she seemed ‘nicer’, logically believable and more truthful in this story, I still couldn’t trust her and I’m still not sure of Fascial’s stake and desires in all this, everyone has an ulterior motive!

While the sex is hot, all encounters felt like betrayal in one way or another. Everyone seemed to be sleeping with someone they shouldn’t! Lascivious indeed!!

As with book one, this story is a fast-paced whirlwind of deceit, lies, and murder! So many questions from book one are answered but even more crop up and the book ends on another cliffhanger that will leave you hanging and perhaps cursing Harry just a little!

Salacious, scandalous and a fantastic ride into this twisted Royal Family!! Highly recommended series so far!!

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Catchup on all the scandal and salaciousness that is Book 1 and read my review below!


The Line of Succession by Harry F. Rey

Families are built on secrets, but when it’s the royal family, the stakes-and the secrets-can be deadly.

Fifteen years ago, Prince James’s father, Prince Richard, was killed in a mysterious helicopter crash, along with his secret Irish lover. The young James became heir to the British throne over his twin sister, Princess Alexandra.

With Queen Victoria II turning ninety, James’s personal life, now that he’s thirty, has come more into the public spotlight as he’s expected to marry and produce an heir. Known for his playboy lifestyle, he’d gladly accept that reputation to hide the truth that he’s gay and in a secret long-term relationship with his best friend and press secretary, Andrew.

His twin sister knows his secret, and plans to use it to create a scandal that will help her take the crown for herself, but her plans rely on trust, and she will soon learn her allies are not as trustworthy as she thought. Will James win his throne, while keeping the love of his life? Or will the monarchy topple in the face of naked ambition and public scandal?

The Line of Succession is a 38,000-word erotic romantic drama. If you love TV’s The Crown or The Royals, then you’ll love this deliciously sly royal drama filled with sex, secrets, and lies. 

Buy The Line of Succession now and dive into a royal family of secret gay lovers, ambitious lusts for power, passions for revenge and hidden secrets that will shake the monarchy to its very core. This isn’t your real-life fairy-tale wedding; this is a royal family at war. 

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3

Wickedly good and salaciously scandalous!

This was an exciting and scandalous read. It is set in a world ruined by Queen Victoria but that is were our reality and this world ends. This story is reminiscent of the best over the top soap operas with sex, scandal, angst, betrayal, drama, and political and personal intrigue, with some awesome twists, its a wicked drama-filled ride!

Harry’s writing is quick and fast-paced, packed with scandals and details enabling you to be encased in this world and watch the chaos happen. It’s a quick read that draws you into the drama surrounding next in line for the throne, Prince James. His life seems to be a bit of a mess, being deeply closeted, in love with his best friend, and he is forced to face the public as straight. With an ongoing rivalry and hatred between his twin sister, Princess Alexandra, drama ensues and betrayal reigns.

The story ends on a cliffhanger which left me reeling and wondering what the hell is going to happen next! I look forward to the next installment, next year and can’t wait to see what happens next!

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