How To Heal 
(A Lovestrong Story, Book 5)
By Susan Hawke

Take one former bully, unable to forgive himself for the sins of his past…

Clark Danvers is a wild twenty-one year old who’s trying to prove he’s an adult. With a two-year degree in hand, he manages the family car dealership and seemingly parties by night. Given the amount of times he’s been pulled over for speeding by Deputy Rick Matthews, public opinion seems to be right. But what people don’t see are the scars he carries both inside and out. Scars from a past he can’t run away from and will never be able to atone for, no matter how many times he beats himself over it.

Add one no-nonsense cop who longs to be a Daddy for the right boy…

Jericho “Rick” Matthews never expects the bratty kid who gets on his last nerve to pull at his heartstrings. When he finds Clark battered and fighting for his life in a motel room, Rick’s Daddy mode is instantly engaged. Before he can think of anything else, he must first comfort this hurting boy.

To equal a pair of men who might just be what the other needs.

The two men who thought they couldn’t stand each other are drawn together after a date gone wrong. While Rick tenderly cares for Clark, he decides what this brat needs is a Daddy… someone to help him break free from the past and embrace the promise of many happy tomorrows.

This is the fifth book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town. Intended only for 18+ readers, this is an mm romance full of all the sweet feels you’d want from an S. Hawke book.

Note: Possible trigger warning for mentions of self-harm and a scene involving a man who’s consented to having himself tied up. What he didn’t agree to was being left that way for an entire weekend. This highly emotional scene is the catalyst to evoke “Daddy’s” protective mode in a tale filled with themes of hurt and comfort and the struggle of overcoming a difficult past.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5 

A story of how people change and can heal when they find their person!

A genuine story of growth. I’m so glad Susan decided to write Clark’s story. A case of a closeted bully (mentally and emotionally abused by his father) is well known but Susan wrote this story with so much heart and care. I felt for Clark and found myself relating to him and his desperate desire for redemption and penance.

This story was a great look at the “story” behind a bully and while I hate bullying of any kind, this story shows that we never really know someone else’s struggles. Clark is using various forms of self-flagellation in an attempt at redemption. He is using this as a way to face the pain he caused others, by inflicting pain on himself, and his dark path is brought into light when he almost dies when a hookup goes wrong. Clark’s journey to healing is thanks to many things but his connection with Rick is just beautiful. I loved the care and growing love between Rick and Clark, and the Daddy aspects fit perfectly with both these characters. I loved their connection and how Rick was able to guide and help Clark heal. Along with families (new and old), love and help from Sean, Clark was able to move forward and challenge his negative self-talk to grow and heal. 

While this is a fictional story it has many bases in truth and could be confronting to some, but I found it hopeful and healing. The semi-colon tattoo mentioned in this story is very real and I myself have a semi-colon tattoo.

Screenshot 2019-04-29 17.23.10.png

I thought I’d share one of my stories… I’ve wanted this tattoo for a while and I chose this as a reminder to be present. Moments pass too quickly and if you’re not careful they can pass by. I have learned to focus on the present and try not to worry about what the future will bring and focus on the here and now and cherish the time I have here. As you may know, I suffer from mental health issues and continue to strive to change the stigma around mental illnesses. I follow @projsemicolon and what it represents and know that my story isn’t over yet. The semicolon represents my continued story and is for myself, my family and all those survivors and sufferers of mental illnesses out there. You are stronger than you think you are. Take it moment by moment, be here now and fight for yourself as best you can. Stay strong, your story is not over ;

For further information on Project Semicolon check out their website: https://projectsemicolon.com

Thanks for reading! For great stories, reviews and more please visit https://bookstattoosandtea.wordpress.com 📚

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How Not To Blend
(A Lovestrong Story, Book 1)
by Susan Hawke

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One clueless single dad…

Dr. Corbin Davis is a busy guy just trying to do his best as a single parent. He may be oblivious to a lot of things, but surely he would’ve noticed something as important as his fifteen-year-old son, Grayson, being bullied, right? And what the heck is non-binary, and why hasn’t Gray shared this all-important part of himself with his own dad? 

Plus one sassy Southerner…

Andy Ferguson, or Kandi as the Thursday night drag community knows him, is just trying to get along in a small town and hold things together while he takes care of his beloved Gam-Gam. If she’d just get off his back about finding himself a man, that would be fantastic, thank you very much. He’ll get around to love… one of these days. 

Equals a pair of fake-boyfriends who will keep you in stitches.

When Corb gets the wild idea to ask Andy to pose as his boyfriend to let Gray know that his dad is bisexual and open-minded enough to talk to about his nonbinary status, Andy is amused and just intrigued enough to say yes… especially since he seems to be in the market for a fake boyfriend himself, if it will get Gam-Gam to quit nagging. 

This is the first book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town. Intended only for 18+ readers, this is an mm romance fill with all the fun, fluff, and feels you’d want from an S. Hawke book.

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How Not To Tuck
(A Lovestrong Story, (Novella) Book 2)
By Susan Hawke

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A Valentine’s Day dare given to a nemesis backfires in sexy, fabulous way.

Honey Combover slays them, honeyyy… and hey, she can’t help it if her “equipment” is too large and in charge to stay tucked away during her drag performances, right? The school principal, Godric Sheppard, tells Larry that he can’t lead the Glee Club in performing Born This Way while dressed as his drag persona. He has a point, since Honey is infamous for her wardrobe malfunctions. Determined to show the uptight little prig that he can keep things, er, tucked away… Larry invites him to catch his show to prove him wrong.

After the inevitable untucking event occurs, Godric knows two things. One, Larry needs a keeper. And two? It probably needs to be him. Godric’s firm hand and gentle touch is just what Larry needs. It doesn’t hurt that Larry melts a little every time Godric calls him pretty.

This is a 16k short story intended for adult readers only. The light bdsm themes, drag queens, and snake infestations will leave you smiling and begging for more. But what else could you expect from an S. Hawke book?


How Not To Sin
(A Lovestrong Story, Book 3)
By Susan Hawke

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One regular guy who happens to be a preacher…

Reverend Dr. Gabe Samson doesn’t think he’s better than any of the people in his church, so please don’t put him on a pedestal. While he’s never hidden the fact that he identifies as bisexual, he’s never acted on it either. Gabe isn’t happy to learn that the sole reason he was hired to pastor the LGBT-friendly church was that the ruling elders wanted a safe poster child for inclusivity—in other words, they wanted the rainbow flag without letting it fly.

Plus one easygoing, new age kinda guy…

Seth Thomas owns Holistic Healing, a metaphysical shop and yoga studio. He’s never really been a relationship kinda guy, but only because he hasn’t met the right man yet. Seth is laid back and goes with the flow. When fate drops a hot preacher in his lap, why wouldn’t he accept the gift?

Equals a pair of men who click from the start.

The two men find it almost too easy to get together, especially Gabe, who is fully embracing his bi side for the first time. Nothing in life is simple though. While Gabe and Seth are busy falling in love, they face an anti-gay hate group, a divided church, and a ruling elder who is hell-bent on sowing discord. Between Gabe’s patient wisdom and Seth’s snark, the pair fight the growing drama with the strongest weapons in their arsenal: love and humor.

This is the third book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town, and the third in series. Intended only for 18+ readers, this is an mm romance full of all the fun, fluff, and feels you’d want from an S. Hawke book.

Note: This isn’t a trigger warning, but please be prepared for a few instances of ignorance and hate speech, and mentions of violence. This is a romance, not a sermon—but please keep in mind that the main character is a pastor dealing with real-life issues in his church and these truths are reflected in Gabe.

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How Not To Break
(A Lovestrong Story, Book 4) 
By Susan Hawke

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Take one former SEAL with a healthy dose of regret…

Nick St. Cloud is living with shame from the one time he let his lust override his sense of honor. He’s haunted by the memory of when he made love to his best friend’s eighteen-year-old son. The tragic accident that happened that same night has only compounded his guilt. A decade later, he’s doing his best to be there for Charlie’s son, but anything more than that just wouldn’t be right… would it?

Plus the younger guy who he’s tried to forget…

It’s been ten years. Ten long years. Does Shaw Michaelson feel bad about having seduced his dad’s best friend? Umm, maybe? Although he could’ve done things differently, Shaw can’t find it within himself to be sorry for the hottest night of his life with the one man he’s never been able to forget. The man he’s patterned every subsequent relationship after… yeah, Shaw totally has a type.

Equals a pair of men who deserve a second chance at a first time.

The two men are living in an uneasy peace within the same small town and circle of friends, being careful not to let the other get close enough to open old wounds. All their walls fall when a stalker begins terrorizing Shaw, sending him running to the one man he knows will keep him safe.

This is the fourth book in the LOVESTRONG series about finding love and being yourself in a small town. Intended only for 18+ readers, this is an mm romance full of all the fun, fluff, and feels you’d want from an S. Hawke book.

Note: Possible trigger warning for the mention of an animal being harmed off-page and the psychological trauma of being stalked.

Check out my Audiobook review for How Not To Break HERE


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