Defending Their Bond (Crescent Edge Pack, Book 2)
By L.N. Manning

On the run for most of his life, Thomas “Bulldog” Baird is used to being alone. He never cared what people thought of him. He never had a reason to. After helping his friend, Jonathan, settle some old scores with his birth pack, Bulldog finds the one thing he never thought he’d have: a mate. A mate he’s not sure he wants to claim because of his own haunted past.

Edward Rawlings has survived hell, living under a cruel and vicious Alpha who almost decimated his birth pack. When the pack was finally freed from tyranny, Edward thought his fight for life would be over. He was dead wrong.

Can the two find the happiness and love they deserve while they risk their lives defending their bond, or will Bulldog’s past claim them both?

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4+

Better than book 1! I love Bulldog!

Bulldog was a mystery from Book 1 and his story was dynamic, thrilling, unique and passionate! I really enjoyed the world L.N. Manning has created and Bulldog was something new and unique in the world of (animal) shifters! He found his mate in book one but their connection and coming together was passionate, a little heart wrenching and magical (pun intended). I loved that the mystery of Bulldog was revealed and it was something I never would have guessed. Bulldog opened up and we got to see more of his character as he ‘wooed’ his mate.

Edward is perfect for Bulldog. Powerful, sassy and innocent! He is fierce and just as protective of Bulldog as Bulldog is of him. As a Beta wolf, he’s stronger and scrappier than an Omega and matches Bulldog’s stubbornness well. I loved his (surprising) innocence and his connection with Bulldog is hot, hot, hot!!

Edward and Bulldog make a great pair and are a great addition to the Cresent Edge Pack! I’m really looking forward to Bruce’s story up next!!!

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