Firm Hand
by Nora Phoenix

How can he want to call his best friend’s son Sir? Or even worse…Daddy?

Cornell is broken after losing his best friend Jonas and getting hurt himself. He’s too old, too imperfect to ever attract a Dom again.

Until Rhys.

When Rhys gives him commands, Cornell yearns to obey.
When Rhys takes care of him, Cornell wants to kneel for him.
When Rhys is everything he’s dreamed of, Cornell aches to call him Sir.
And when Rhys makes him fly, Cornell soars higher than ever before.

But there’s one problem. Rhys is twenty years his junior…and he’s Jonas’s son. How can you call your best friend’s son Sir…or Daddy?

Firm Hand is a standalone slow burn MM romance with daddy kink, an age gap, a very caring Daddy and a boy who needs it, hurt/comfort, mild D/s play, and all the feels.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

Wow, what a story!

I loved Rhys and Cornell. Great dynamics, great characters, great writing!

I really enjoyed this ‘different’ take on the dom/sub dynamics and then the daddy/boy relationship. I love minority stories and sadly this one falls into the minority of young dom/daddy, older sub/boy. The opening of the story was absolutely heartbreaking and I’ll admit to tears. Cornell is recovering from a serious accident that claims his best-friends life. The care, emotions, and feelings evoked for Cornell throughout his healing process were so authentic I felt like I’d lost a friend too.

Nora’s writing is passionate, emotional and raw. I felt every shift, every tear, every stab of grief as both Rhys and Cornell adapted to their new normal and then their new relationship. Rhys is a very powerful character and I loved that he had pined for Cornell for years before acting on his feelings. Even though Cornell is obviously old enough to be Rhys’s Dad those dynamics were never present and I never felt uncomfortable with their connection or relationship. Rhys was the perfect mix of care and ‘authority’. He is exactly was Cornell needs and while it was a tragedy that led them down this path, it was a wonderful journey to read.

I loved Rhys and Cornell and I feel like they’ll be with me for a while. A truly great read!!!

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