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Lost in the Mind (In the Mind, Book 2)
By Alice Winters

After the last incident—which involved a serial killer—Chevy and Seneca are considering puppy wrangling as a new, safer profession than psychic detective work. Honestly, Seneca would prefer to focus on his new relationship with Chevy, even if he’s worried about the menacing countdown calendar leading to Chevy’s birthday. But when homicide requests some assistance from them, they have no idea what they’re getting into. And if they’d known what would happen, they definitely would have gone with the puppy wrangling.

When an elderly couple is found dead in their own home, Chevy and Seneca are pulled into the case. But what’s unusual is that it appears neither of them were killed; instead, they simply stopped existing. Even with Chevy’s ability to go into the memories of the victims, he’s unable to tell what happened to the seemingly normal couple.

That is until it happens again. This time, the victims are found alive, all of them kneeling and staring at a blank wall as if hypnotized by it. It’s up to Chevy and Seneca to figure out what is drawing these people and who might be manipulating them.

But when Seneca begins to act strangely, Chevy becomes concerned that he might also be affected by what is controlling the others. Chevy will do anything to keep the man he loves safe and as far from “The Light” as he can. But is it too late?

Lost in the Mind is 94k words of banter, the strangest salad ever, and the strengthening of a bond (especially after Chevy’s birthday). This book follows the events of Within the Mind but focuses on a new case.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5

Seneca and Chevy are brilliant! I laughed at every interaction!!

This story follows on from book 1 and Seneca and Chevy are in a new relationship and have moved in together. Seneca is hilarious. I laughed at every page of the story. The way he teases, jokes and interacts with people (not just Chevy) makes for a great read. Chevy is trying to come out of his shell and be more social for Seneca but I think Seneca is social enough for the both of them!!

This story follows Chevy and Seneca as they help the homicide department solve a very unusual case. As the case progresses, and things turn from weird to weirder, Chevy has difficulty figuring out what is going on. Both Seneca and Chevy notice some changes with Chevy’s gift and how Seneca gift interacts with it. While this case is not as twisted and creepy as the case in the first book it is still dangerous and kept me engrossed till the very end. I did, however, guess the possible instigator early on but the interactions, fast speed, and twists and turns allowed for a great read with a great couple at the core.

Seneca is a handful but too hilarious not to love. These two are perfect together and I can’t wait for more mayhem, hilarity, and sappiness in more of their stories!!!

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43615093Within The Mind by Alice Winters

Seneca is the complete package. He’s smart, sexy, and confident, much to Chevy’s annoyance. They’ve worked with each other for two years, and even though Chevy might secretly find his partner charming and attractive, playful harassment is all they have.

Chevy was born with a unique gift that allows him to go into the memories of others. As detective, he uses this ability to find peace for victims who have been hurt or attacked. He delves into their memories and can pick out minute details that will help them put the criminal behind bars.

But neither Chevy nor Seneca are prepared when they are asked to go into the mind of a serial killer in hopes of finding survivors. They are even more unprepared for the monsters they find inside the man’s mind. Drawn into a memory where it’s hard to figure out where the truth exists, they realize that there may be more to the serial killer than they originally thought. The dark world draws the two men together in a way they never dreamed.

It will take everything Chevy and Seneca can give to stop the darkness that could consume their minds. As the two are forced to face what is keeping them apart, together they realize that there’s more to the mind and heart than either of them know.

Within the Mind is a 90k word romantic suspense with lots of snark, an ominous gramophone, and finger cuddling, because we all know spooning isn’t as great as it sounds.

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