By Rowan Shaw

Release Date: June 17th, 2019

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Unable to find an apartment he could afford in Paris, Raphaël Diop had no other choice but to move in with the enigmatic Adrien Dupuis, a charming man with many secrets.

If cohabitation seemed like a bad idea from the start, things only got worse when Adrien acknowledged his attraction to Raphaël, making an offer difficult to resist.

But sleeping together wasn’t an option for Raphaël, not when it might cost him the only place where he could live.

Could they truly ignore their desire for each other, or could Raphaël believe that one night together might be worth risking it all?

RETURN is a bisexual romance set entirely in France. It contains MM and MF scenes. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story.

Warning for readers triggered by biphobia as well as depression.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4.5

So good with wonderful (bisexual) characters!

All these characters are dynamic and charismatic. I loved the mystery that was Adrien. I kept wondering what his secrets were, who he was and why he was so guarded. His story is a sad one and I love that Raphaël is able to help him heal and open up.

The story features the characters from book one but is a standalone story. Both characters need something from the other and their chemistry flies off the page! All interactions with Adrien are hot, hot, hot!!! Adrien has such a big heart and doesn’t realize he deserves more in life and love. He is surrounded by friends whom he met in a unique way but love him anyway.

The secondary characters in this book are just as awesome as the mains and I especially loved Noah and Charlotte. Both are equally compelling and I’d really love to know more about Noah and his boyfriend, there seems to be more to their story.

As ever Rowan’s writing was a joy to read, with easy flow and complex intricacies of the story that kept me engrossed till the end. I loved that Raphaël and Adrien each came to their own self-discoveries and realizations both separately and together and the story ends with a wonderful happy for now ending. I’d love more of Raphaël and Adrien so hopefully, we might be lucky enough to glimpse them in book 3. I can’t wait for more wonderful writing and authentic bisexual characters!! I loved it!!

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Check out Book 1 in the Series:

42613772The day Enzo Chevalier lost his hearing, everything changed. Forced to rebuild his future and fight for his dreams, Enzo refused to let anything take him down…until the man of his life walked out on him and shattered his heart.

Florian Beaudry had his whole life figured out. His business was flourishing and everything was settling down at last. Or so he believed…until he walked in on his girlfriend and best friend.

Still on the rebound and unable to trust another man, Enzo never expected a chance encounter with Florian. The one person he thought he would never see again. The one person he missed the most.

Were they truly meant to get a second chance or were they doomed from the start?

REWIND is an MM romance novel set entirely in France. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story without a cliffhanger.

Warning for readers triggered by homophobia and biphobia as well as emotional abuse.

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About the Author

Rowan Shaw is a human being from Planet Earth (originally from the country of France). She’s also the queer author of Rewind, an MM romance series set entirely in her home country.

Addicted to reading and writing, Rowan can usually be found with a book in her hands or sitting in front of her computer typing some kind of story while listening to music from the 80s.

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