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The Werewolf’s Brash Bear
by Riley Rivers

A werewolf who thinks he’s too clingy for his own good…
and whirlwind getaway with a bear-with-benefits.

Cassidy Stewart is a werewolf who craves affection, but being clingy is his worst nightmare. Jason, his current fuckbuddy, is a great compromise. Between their fantastic chemistry and Jason’s devil-may-care attitude, Cassidy gets some intimacy without too much temptation to push for something Jason doesn’t want, since it’s clear Jason’s completely uninterested.

Jason Evans is in a bind. His entire family is having a huge reunion and he’s required to attend. The issue? He might have said he was dating someone, in an effort to get people to leave him alone about his tendency to sleep around. It’s kind of true anyway; he and Cassidy have been exclusive for a while since they mesh so well when it comes to sex. They honestly mesh a little too well. Cassidy’s cute, snarky, and terrific in bed… and it’s made Jason start to want more. But he can damn well respect Cassidy’s desire to keep feelings off the table.

When Cassidy suggests he accompany Jason to the reunion, Jason’s not about to say no. He and Cassidy’s scents are so wrapped together at this point that he’d get away with calling them boyfriends, and Cassidy isn’t a bear shifter like Jason, but a werewolf isn’t the worst thing in the world. Cassidy just figures a fun vacation while doing Jason a favor won’t be a hardship. It’s not like it’ll make him want more than he already does.

But will a week in close-quarters pretending to be an item end up revealing the truth?

Notes: Approximately 32,000 words. Part of the Supernatural Suburbia World. The book stars Jason and Cassidy, were introduced in The Werewolf’s Virgin Vampire.)


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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

Fun and seriously sexy!!

Riley’s stories are just a joy to read. Witty, funny and steamy make up the perfect balance for this unlikely pairing. I’m a fan of the fake-boyfriend trope and Riley does this really well. I liked getting to know more about both Jason and Cassidy, and I loved their back and forth and how well they fit each other. Jason was a great character; bold, smart and knows what he wants even of hos family won’t let him have it. Cassidy was a little more of a mystery, but his heart was honest and loving. I wanted to know more about Cassidy’s past and reasons why he is the way he is but I loved how Jason was able to break through his hard shell and care for the man underneath.

I found this one a bit steamier than Riley’s previous stories and oh boy Jason and Cassidy are hot together. I loved the slow and honest progress of their fuck-buddies to fake-boyfriends to (fated) mates. They didn’t take it at face value and once they were honest with each other and themselves they were able to bridge the gap and find what they’d both been looking for. I kind of wanted more of both of them and wanted to know how Jason’s family would feel about their mate bond and wanted Jason to fight for his dreams, even against his family. All in all a steamy, fun and sexy shifter tale!!

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bavst_zv_400x400About the Author:

Riley Rivers has been writing since they were a wee thing and aspires to be That Person who regularly sits in coffee shops with a laptop and knows all the baristas. They are well on their way to achieving this dream.

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