(Confessions Series, Book 5)
By Ella Frank

Coming AUGUST 27th, 2019

Confessions HENRI AMAZON-1.jpg

Delicisous Cover Design by Hang Le @Hang Le

Sexy Photograph by: Rafa G Catala

Smokin’ Hot Model: Mario Zabal 


Good and bad. Right and wrong.
Life would be easy if things were always that simple.
That’s never been the case for Henri Boudreaux.

Son of a criminal. Ex-boyfriend to a Priest.
Henri’s made a career out of getting in trouble and avoiding the law.
So when he winds up in bed with it, he knows that things are about to get…complicated.

But what’s life without taking a few risks?
And what’s a risk without the threat of being caught?
No one’s ever accused Henri of being good man.
And Officer Craig Bailey is about to find out just how bad he can be.

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And Bailey’s book will be hitting Amazon 10/28/19 which you can pre-order today too!!
CONFESSIONS: BAILEY (Confessions Series #6)
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