Happy Release Week Jaclyn Quinn!
Appeal to You, out now!!


Appeal to You
(A Beyond the Cove Novel)
By Jaclyn Quinn

Brilliant Cover Design by Cate Ashwood!
I love it when the cover’s match the characters!!!


Will the demons of the past ruin any hope for the future?

If there’s anyone who knows how to have a good time—be it with a man or a woman—it’s Ryder Pearce. Master of the nail-it-and-bail-it theory, he lives his life for one person and one person only: himself. When a man enters Ryder’s life who challenges him on every flirtation, every sexual innuendo he can come up with, Ryder’s thrown off his game in a big way. Because there’s one thing the man has made perfectly clear—they’ve played this game before, and Ryder doesn’t remember the outcome.

Avery Hamilton has seen all of Ryder’s moves and has witnessed his sex appeal. He knows all too well about his cocky sense of humor and his penchant for one-night stands. There was a time in his life when he’d taken the bait, but this time around, he wants more. He’s seen Ryder’s act; what he hasn’t seen is Ryder—the real Ryder he hides from the world.

When both men come together to help a young boy, Ryder’s forced to face things from his past he’s blocked out. Things he never wanted anyone to know. Now, Ryder has one fear… Will revealing that side of himself be real enough for Avery? Or will it be the reason Avery walks away?


Warning: This book contains off-page references to sexual/physical abuse of a minor.
This book is also the third book in a series.
Reading the books out of order may result in spoilers.

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Amazon US | Amazon AU | Universal Link | Goodreads | BookBub

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

Oh, my word! What an emotional and compelling read!!!

I’m just loving this series, it’s so raw and real! I loved getting to know more about Ryder and Avery. Jaclyn’s writing is able to open your heart and make such real and compelling characters you can’t help but feel for. I always knew there was more to both Avery and Ryder and I’m so glad we finally got their story. Little did I know it would be a rollercoaster of emotions!

Ryder has had a hard life and what he had to do to survive is heartbreaking. His heart and strength are a lot bigger than he takes credit for and when a sad, lonely and scared 12-year-old boy needs help, Ryder (and Avery) step up! I really enjoyed the character progression of Ryder; it was very realistic and authentic. He needed to grow in himself before he was able to move forward how we all wanted him to and the way Jaclyn did this was exceptional! I love it when a writer is authentic to real life and doesn’t just make the character fit the society mold! It makes for a more authentic read and allows us to relate more to the real-life ideals where this story could occur!

The journey Avery and Ryder take has all the ups and downs but is still wonderfully challenging and heartwarming. Lust has always sparked between them and after a year, so much flirting and denial, they finally give in. When Ryder’s past comes back to haunt him Avery is there and he is patient, caring and supportive even when Ryder pushes everyone away. This is a great story of hope, healing and finding your place. I’m so glad Avery and Ryder overcome their issues to be together! I look forward to more stories from this collection of colorful characters and the awesome patchwork family they’ve made together! Another great read!!!

Thanks for reading! For great stories, reviews and more please visit https://bookstattoosandtea.wordpress.com 📚

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I have been an artist from a very young age. From drawing cartoon characters and evolving into portraits, making jewelry, photography, and now writing. I have an amazing support system in my family and friends and couldn’t be more grateful.

I live in central New Jersey, love summers at the Jersey Shore, rock music, wine, sexy men, and laughing a lot with my amazing friends and family. Sunday dinners at my parents’ house are crazy, hysterical and you can count on a movie quote…or ten…being thrown out. Insults between siblings is how we show our love for each other!

When I’m not creating, you can find me reading books from my favorite authors. I’m a hopeless romantic, starving for passionate characters and always craving that happy ending, whether in reading or in writing my own books.


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