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Clawed (Urban Jungle, Book 2)
by Espen Arcadia

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Sometimes, all you need is a little courage…

Living in the forest outside Chicago, a small village of shifters has made it through the years in their own traditional way. Liam, a deer shifter, has grown up in the village and is, for the most part, happy with his lot in life. Respected and liked by the villagers, he’s well on his way to gaining an advisory role in a few years. His place is secure. All seems well.

Except for one thing, he’s in love with his best friend, Matthew.

As the son of the village leaders, wolf shifter Matthew has a lot to live up to. Torn between his fathers’ growing demands on him and his own desire to prove himself, Matthew finds himself constantly tripping up.

Feeling he has to do more, Matthew stumbles across a new plan that might just prove to his parents that one day he can be the leader they want him to be, that he needs to be. With Liam at his side, the two men stumble into a conspiracy no one knew existed. As threats loom all around them the two men are forced to face not only the truth about their world but what they truly mean to one another. But, is their friendship strong enough to survive?

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.75

A wonderful friends-to-lovers, shifter story!!

I really enjoyed Clawed!! Matthew and Liam are perfect together.

This story was a fast-paced adventure, with deceit, betrayal, and love. I felt for Matthew and his situation and really enjoyed his stand and growth over the story. I was surprised at the world Espen has created and I’m even more intrigued as to what his shifter world entails and what is going to happen next. I liked the juxtaposition between the city shifter and the rather ‘primitive’ style shifters of Matthew’s pack, and then there was the human born to shifters! The possibilities are endless!! I also liked that there were so many different breeds of shifters and this is the first book I’ve read about a deer shifter, which was just delightful!!

I loved these characters and how they balanced each other out so perfectly. I also like that their connection and transition from best friends to lovers happen in a way I didn’t expect and I adored Matthew’s cluelessness! The back and forth, balance and give and take between the two is hilarious, yet endearing. I loved how Liam is able to balance out Matthew.

Sometimes I come across a book and I can’t help the images that form in my head and in this case I had to draw Matthew and Liam in their shifter forms. They’re just so cute together, even for such an odd predator/prey pairing!!

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About the Author:

I’m an M/M (Gay) Author who likes writing books about guys getting into trouble (adventures as I like to call them) and have some fun along the way!

Late 20’s (nearing that 30’s line) gay man with a love of the written word. I love writing stories about guys getting into all sorts of trouble (or adventures if you prefer) and have a bit of fun along the way.

If I’m not busy trying to get some reading in while I’m writing, I’m often found playing video games or drifting around the internet to suck up useless information. Pestering (Read: Loving) my pets is another way to pass the time, as well as occasionally finding some “trouble” of my own.

I can be found in my Facebook group: The Bear’s Den

Connect with Espen:
Amazon Author Page

Check Out Book 1:

Mauled (Urban Jungle, Book 1)
by Espen Arcadia


In true enemies to lovers’ style, when the fox touches the jaguar with his spirit, the big cat touches the fox’s soul with his heart.

Trent, powerful jaguar shifter, and one of the biggest business names in Chicago, has a lot on his plate. He’s taken on the role as leader of the urban shifters and finds himself at odds with the surrounding rural community. His latest plan to buy land from the country shifters, with the promise of a better future for them, has them up in arms.

When they grow desperate enough, the rural leaders call on Ash, a fox shifter with ‘skills’. His job is to take the high and mighty and bring them crashing down from their own hubris and corruption. Born and raised in Chicago, Ash returns to his home city, with his crafty gaze set on destroying Trent’s career.

When the two meet, personalities and intentions will bounce and crash off of one another. Sparks will fly, and secrets will come pouring out of the shadows. Ash and Trent will deal with not only with their growing attraction to one another, but getting caught in the middle of a deadly scheme.

Book Links:
Amazon US | Universal Link | Goodreads | BookBub

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