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When the seas of love grow choppy, sometimes the best course is to abandon ship!

Two years ago, Ryan Abernathy was too tongue-tied, too introverted, and entirely too nervous to flirt with his hot but presumably straight new roommate. So when Ryan’s sister swooped in and scooped the hottie up for herself, he accepted his fate and kept his crush a secret.

Sawyer Muller never meant to find himself in a fake relationship with his sexy roommate’s sister. And how was he supposed to know that Ryan would become his bestie and star in way too many of his dreams?

Things get complicated when Julia Abernathy strikes a deal with Sawyer to upgrade from fake boyfriend to groom, though they only need to stay married long enough for her to get her trust fund. They plan a fun cruise ship wedding with her entire family in tow. Sawyer figures it sounds like an adventure, and when they quietly divorce later, he’ll finally be free of all the fakery.

With Julia and Ryan’s homophobic, snooty family present, the pressure is turned up… especially when Sawyer finds himself jilted at the altar and drowning in a sea of blame. His only life preserver is the Abernathy sibling he can’t admit to wanting… Ryan.

This is an mm romantic comedy set in the Valentines Inc. world. Watch out for an awkward first kiss, a record-making group wedding, and sexy competitive shuffleboard. Before you board this ship, make sure you pack a fan because things are about to heat up on board this vessel!

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.75 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4
🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 5

Such a fantastic, funny and feel-good story!

I’ve been a fan of Susan’s for a while but this one feels different and was the perfect romantic comedy to get you out of your head and into some wonderful, funny and uniquely deceptive family drama culminating in a missed wedding, an accidental marriage and a couple of “stick it to the man” (aka their father) coming out moments! I loved it!!

You can’t help but laugh at some of the sexy time shenanigans and a unique coitus-interruptus in the form of a ‘plastic’, deck-climbing, step mum! I felt this whole story was perfectly well rounded and Susan injects the longing and laughter into the story from the beginning. I loved the MF fake-boyfriend approach that got 2 years out of hand, and almost included a real marriage from their fake relationship! Thankfully both the bride and groom were able to find their true and real happily ever afters and the events that follow will have you laughing at every turn. I absolutely loved this story and it’s definitely going to be added to my feel-good fav re-reads!

Michael is fantastic as always but I must say, he did do a unique and slightly cringe-worthy job for Valentine’s Inc.’s Love Director LOL!

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Shipping Our Loves
(Valentine’s Inc. Cruises Book 8)
By Sammi Cee

Davis ~ Life hasn’t been the same since Conrad and I lost our boyfriend in a tragic accident. We’ve started looking for a third again—this is who we are, and we want another man to love.

Conrad ~ I’m missing our man more than words can say, but I’m hopeful we’ll meet someone on this cruise—or have I known the perfect person this whole time?

Shane ~ When I splurge and treat myself to a college graduation present, I’m not expecting a singles cruise to change my life. What are the chances of finding two men looking for love, or one of them being my best friend’s older brother?

With three men, an age gap, and a best friend to contend with, can this be more than fun in the sun?

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