Nerds Who Knot Series
By Amy Bellows

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The Accidental Everything
(Nerds Who Knot # 1)

by Amy Bellows

Some omegas go to clubs to pick up alphas. Isaac Evans cruises his poetry readings. It’s not the most professional choice, but what’s a horny omega to do?

He doesn’t mean to have sex with Rhett Donovan of the Donovan Poetry Fellowship—the prestigious grant he dreamed of receiving before he slept with the alpha who awards it. And when Rhett gives him a unique career opportunity, Isaac doesn’t mean to fall in love. If anyone found out about his relationship with Rhett, it could mean a career-ending scandal for them both.

He doesn’t mean to get pregnant either. His life is full of accidents.

After Isaac’s made every possible mistake, he has nothing but his poetry to keep him afloat. But in the game of love, poetry might be enough.

The Accidental Everything is a 24,000-word, non-shifter Omegaverse story featuring Mpreg, knotting, and adorable dads. It is an M/M romance intended for an 18+ audience.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4
🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 4.5 

A lust-filled and emotional journey. I loved it!

I love discovering new authors and new sub-genres in MM romance and this was my first MPreg story and Oh My Word, what have I done! I loved this story. The emotions Amy was able to inject into the characters felt extremely real to me and while this is a shorter story it is so well detailed and has so much depth I felt like I knew these characters and could relate to them.

The story follows loveable softie and alpha, Rhett and the sassy and unapologetic omega poet, Isaac. I loved Isaac and his back story and how he continues to fight for himself and is unapologetic about his sexuality and sexual proclivities. I found the Omegaverse dynamic and sexy and loved that Rhett is a big teddy bear who wears his heart on his sleeve. I loved the poetry elements throughout the story and really enjoyed the secondary characters. This book is a wonderful journey to a HEA and a perfect (first) MPreg story!!!

Great narration for this story and I enjoyed the diversity and different dialects used for the characters. I could totally feel Isaac in this narration! Still one of my favorite reads!!!

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The Bookmobile Baby
(Nerds Who Knot #2)
by Amy Bellows

A M/M Non-shifter MPreg Story Set in the Omegaverse.

During the week Simon Seymore is a good little bookmobile librarian. He lives and breathes his job providing library access to the rural towns south of Grayson City. But every weekend he heads to the bar in search of another alpha to go home with. If he preps himself beforehand, they never have to know his secret: Simon can’t slick.

Omegas who can’t slick can’t have children either, and alphas aren’t accepting of that. At twenty-seven, Simon’s learned that relationships simply aren’t worth the risk. It’s better to focus on his job as a bookmobile librarian and stop dreaming about the mate he’s never going to have.

Art Hitchens buried the love of his life five years ago. At forty-five, he has no intention of chasing after omegas ever again. But when a bookmobile librarian shows up in his hometown and gives him a wild proposition, Art feels alive for the first time in years.

Simon may be too young for Art and slow to trust after being rejected so many times, but Art feels a need to take care of Simon that’s impossible to ignore.

The Bookmobile Baby is a 48,000-word May/December romance with knotting, MPreg, BDSM, and a nurturing Dom. It’s the second book in the Nerds Who Knot series, but it stands alone.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4
🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 4.5

Heartwarming, inclusive, Mpreg story that will touch your heart!!

I loved this story! I’m still new to Mpreg but this story has so much heart, emotion, love and a bit of humor that I couldn’t help falling in love! Simon is wonderful; he’s passionate, caring and a little broken, while Art is grieving, strong and has a big heart ready to give away again! Simon and Art are perfect together!! I loved the inclusivity in this story: trans Alphas and Omegas! Such a great concept and was done with so much love and care you can tell it’s from the heart!

The story follows widower Art as grapples with his lust for Simon, the towns bookmobile driver. Simon thinks he can’t have kids and has tried to come to terms with that as best he can. Art doesn’t think he could ever feel alive again after losing his husband, Dean who happened to be trans omega until he connects with Simon! I loved Amy’s approach and the inclusion of trans characters in this story and the dynamics of their lives in the omegaverse was brilliant. I found this whole story touchingly beautiful and felt all the emotions as these characters come together and began to heal each other. This was like nothing I’ve ever read before and I loved everything about it! It took me so long to write up a review because I feel like my words can’t do it justice and it’s still holding a special place in my heart. I praise Amy and her creation and I am so thankful she decided to create these wonderful characters that have touched my heart!!

I can’t recommend this story, series or author enough and this narration is fantastic. I loved that I could listend to Art and Simon come to life and fall in love again so perfectly! I loved it!!!

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The Bond-Cut Omega
(Nerds Who Knot #3)
by Amy Bellows

Gabe thinks he’ll never have a bond of his own. He’s bond-cut, which means his scent gland is so scarred, he can’t bond to anyone—not even his best friend, Marcus, who he’s been in love with for six years.

Gabe spends every waking moment with Marcus. They co-own a tattoo parlor and share an apartment. It was Gabe who gave Marcus the vibrant bird tattoos all over his body. But Gabe never plans to tell Marcus about his feelings. Marcus deserves a bond.

Marcus may be huge, even for an alpha, but everyone knows he’s a marshmallow at heart. He’s not going to pressure his bond-cut best friend into a romantic relationship he may not want. Until Gabe’s heat starts early, and a series of accidents lead to a dangerous pregnancy that exposes their true feelings for one another and rocks the foundation of their friendship.

In a world where bonds are everything, can love be enough on its own?

The Bond-Cut Omega is a 35,000-word best-friends-to-lovers romance with knotting, MPreg, manties, and hurt/comfort. It’s a companion book for the Nerds Who Knot Series, but it stands alone.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

A beautiful best-friends to lovers tale!!!

Another endearing, heartwarming and passionate tale from Amy! I love her writing, stories and the world she has created and this story is no exception! A truly beautiful (and a little heart-breaking) best-friends to lovers story. Gabe and Marcus are just perfect together.

With Gabe’s past as a street worker, his omega scent gland is scarred and he feels he can never bond but has been in love with his best friends Marcus basically since they met. Marcus has always been a bit of a teddy bear type Alpha and was protective and caring of Gabe from the moment they met. As they grew up and shared their lives together they never gave in or told each other their true feelings. They have been best friends forever until a heat-related mishap forces their hand and they are forced to face some harsh truths until finally all is revealed.

This story has a wonderful, heart-melting happy ending and I just loved Gabe and Marcus journey. Definitely a 1-click winner!!

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