Liam (Single Dads Club Book 2)
By Candice Blake

Release Date: October 11, 2019

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LIAM: Twenty-seven years have passed and I’ve been given a second chance.
I met Shawn Carter in my freshman year of college.

As roommates and teammates on the varsity basketball team, we quickly became inseparable.

But an incident happened in college tore us apart, and we haven’t spoken in over two decades.

After many years, Shawn has unexpectedly come back into my life, and we’re no longer naive teenagers. My ex-wife divorced me, and I’m now a single father to my six-month-old son. Shawn has achieved his dream to become a superstar athlete.

Now that Shawn’s back in my life, I’m faced with an important decision:

Don’t take back someone who’s left me broken once already; or take a leap of faith and see what could’ve been.

SHAWN: We were best friends twenty-seven years ago…but what are we now?
I knew Liam Porter had a beautiful soul the moment I met him in college. But it took me all these years to realize just how much he means to me.

Now that I’ve become the top basketball player in the league, getting to know Liam intimately is near impossible. Cameras follow me around everywhere–my private life is nonexistent.

I’ve dated women my entire life…and no one–no one knows about the special connection I shared with Liam in college.

With the eyes of the whole world on me, everything is on the line. Do I risk it all for a second chance with Liam?


Each novel in the Single Dads Club series can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.25 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3

Sweet, emotive and endearing. A cute bi/GFY awakening.

A sweet single dad romance with a focus on the man rather than the fact he is a father. This is a second chance romance with former best friends reuniting after 27 years estranged. Liam is a new father and very successful CEO of a company with his best friend Damon (from book 1). They reunite with their other dorm mate and collage best friend Shawn, who left college when he was drafted with the LA Lakers 27 years ago. They meet again when they are both invited to one of Shawn’s game. Liam and Shawn are able to reconnect and realize their spark from collage never went out. They have great chemistry and passion for each other and realize that even after 27 years they still care deeply for each other and want more.

This is a very sweet, low-angst romance, with two best friends that realized they are better together!

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