Motorcycles & Macarons
(Hearts of Snow Lake, Book 1)
By Ashton Cade

Release Date: October 18, 2019

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As a biker, I’ve always loved the open road—and no man ever compared. I’ve mastered the quickie, the one-night stand, and I’m not into changing things up. Why mess with perfection?

When I roll into Snow Lake to take over my uncle’s mechanic shop, the last thing I want to do is settle down. Until I lay eyes on Grayson, who is not the kind of man suited for a one-night stand. He’s domestic as all hell, running his bakery and doing cute sh!t with his son all damn day. Not. My. Type.

But I can’t take my eyes off of him. Every time I see him, my heart pounds; I go weak in the knees. I dream about holding up a ring, and making him mine forever.

I never wanted this life—I always thought it was a trap. But Grayson, gorgeous and kind, is giving me a sweet tooth for his baked goods and all his other delights.

I just might want to make a home on this road where I’ve landed. If Gray is with me, I might fall in love with Snow Lake after all.


My partner left the minute Harry came into our lives. Ever since then, it’s been me and my boy, all on our own. I didn’t want to be a single dad, but Harry makes it all worthwhile. Sure, I’m not going on any dates, but romance can wait. I’m done with the heartbreak of losing my man, and I’m not pulling Harry into any relationship that won’t last forever.

That’s why Layton comes as a surprise. He’s everything I never wanted—a bad boy with bedroom eyes, and thighs muscled from gripping his motorcycle. He keeps showing up in my nighttime fantasies—and at my bakery every morning, looking like he wants to take a bite out of me.

When I slip up and let him get a taste, I know he’s all wrong. I can’t keep a man like Layton happy, and I need him out of my life for good. It’s too bad because I was a little bit in love.

I never imagined it would hurt so much to leave Layton behind—or that my sweet boy would want to have Layton around. Layton keeps telling me he’s for real, that he’s in this for keeps. I’ve never been the kind of guy to take a chance, but maybe this is the time to give it a try.


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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

Sweet, charming and sexy! A great start to a new small town series!!

I really liked this opposites-attract tale and really enjoyed the growth and progression of each character as they come to terms with their connection and what it means to grow up and settle down. I loved Layton’s bad-boy persona even though he really does have a heart of gold and loved that he was okay to admit his shortcomings and enjoyed watching him find his feet with Harry!

I really liked Grayson and felt for his backstory. I loved the spark between him and Layton and while I usually don’t like frustrating, back and forths and silly miscommunications, I really liked how Aston approached this and used it to help the characters grow.

Their connection was so steamy yet so heartfelt and I loved the little family they made together! Such a sweet story and I loved the heart-felt ending!! I look forward to more in the series and loved the secondary characters and can’t wait to see how they find love and when!! A great start to a sweet small-town series!!

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Review By KR Phoenix for Books, Tattoos and Tea
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