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Faking It

MM Fake relationship short story giveaway

This awesome giveaway runs from 21st to 31st October
and features 27 amazing authors!
Dive into these delicious shorts stories while you still can!!
Faking It Giveaway

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Check Out:

Stray by Crystel Greene

STRAY October 15

Trae is openly laughing now, and it lights up his face like magic. He’s laughing at me.

“You don’t have to prove anything to me, Aryn,” he says softly. “I’m not one of your alpha cronies you have to outshine. Or an actual mate you’d need to convince he made the right choice. Am I?”

Aryn Greyson needs a fake mate, and fast. The alpha college sophomore has told his pack leader he found his omega, and now Braedan wants to welcome the new Greyson into the family.

Trae “Stray” Vagorien, omega fourth-year student, has no pack, no money, and supposedly no morals. He’s definitely got no need for a stupid, arrogant alpha in his life. When college heartthrob Aryn Greyson offers him a thousand dollars for posing as his mate for a night, including family dinner and sharing a double room in a five-star hotel, Trae finds his views on alphaholes confirmed—and accepts. Nothing is going to happen in that king-size bed. That’s the deal. Aryn is determined to behave honorably and stand by his promise, and Trae has enough pride and attitude to make sure that he will.

But what if their hormones and hearts have other ideas?

Can a relationship that starts out with an insult and a lie ever turn into something real?

STRAY is a non-shifter omegaverse gay romance and the first installment of the FENNYS DEN COLLEGE SERIES. It contains a sweet alpha who needs to grow up, a snarky omega with a fear of thunderstorms, hurt/comfort, a night of knotting, lots of fluff and heartbreak, and a solid happy ending. 35 000 words. For readers 18 and over only!

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About the Author:

Crystel Greene.
MM romance. Sweet, star-crossed, and NC-17.

Crystel loves hot guys, especially when there are two of them in a romance novel who are meant to be! And she likes it best when she can create their plights, fights, and moments of bliss herself. Here’s her author promise: no fade-outs when things get steamy or emotional, and an ending that will leave you smiling.

Crystel is a lawyer by training, a lover of pastry, and a believer in Happy Ever Afters. She lives in the beautiful Austrian Alps with her big, noisy family.

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Coming Soon From Crystel:
Police Sergeant Daniel Kent has never been a fan of Prime Minister Mathias Parker, the smooth, hyper-brilliant political wunderkind with the killer cheekbones and the hipster instagram. And he certainly didn’t vote for him. So, when Daniel starts out as the PM’s Personal Protection Officer at Downing Street No 10, the last thing he expects is losing his heart…
A Bodyguard Gay Romance by Crystel Greene

FB faking it graphic with names FINAL

The FAKING IT GIVEAWAY on Prolific Works, Oct 21 – Oct 31 2019:

20+ free brand-new MM fake relationship stories.

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