Sidearms & Spareribs
(Hearts of Snow Lake, Book 2)
By Ashton Cade

Release Date: October 25, 2019

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I’m a cop on leave. I fled to Snow Lake for some R&R after what I like to call a ‘workplace injury.’ Since getting shot, I’m jumpy—I can’t help but be spooked, imagining danger around every corner. There’s only one man who makes me feel like my old self—Porter Gaines, the town butcher. He makes me laugh, makes me forget my pain, my fear. But there’s something more. Deep in those dark eyes, I see more than a glimmer of desire. Porter might be the medicine I need—igniting the fire inside me again and making me appreciate the warmth and beauty of home.

When I came out of the operating room, I was looking for something—someone—that didn’t exist. Or I thought he didn’t. I stayed up nights, wanting and wishing. I thought I was going crazy, but meeting Porter makes me feel sane.

I’ve been married to my job for so long, and my relationship with Porter is just temporary. But when Porter’s little brother is implicated in a crime he didn’t commit, I know I’m needed back in Snow Lake. Maybe I’ll find the truth—and my reason for living.


I don’t get many dates in a sleepy little town like Snow Lake. With my full cargo hold of emotional baggage, guys aren’t exactly banging on my door. Sure, I’ve got my dreams. I saw what my father had with his wife before they died, and I always wanted that kind of happiness. It’s just not in the cards for me.

When I meet Sean, the s*xy cop with dark hair and midnight eyes, I’m tempted far more than I want to admit. I keep my cool whenever I see him, hoping he can’t read my dirty mind or hear my jaw drop to the floor. I should tell him how I feel, but going for it has never been my thing.

I like my small, comfortable life. I made a new normal after the accident that took everything away from me, and I work hard to keep my sh!t together. Throwing a monkey wrench into the whole thing is… terrifying.

He’s only here for a little while, a tempting voice says. How much harm can a week-long wrench do?
A lot, another, less-tempting voice answers.

After what I’ve been through, I’m not sure I can resist the kind of love that Sean’s offering. I just hope it doesn’t destroy me.


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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

A wonderful story!

A beautiful ending to a topsy-turvy first meeting and what was meant to be a holiday re-charge. A glimpse in the shadows to falling head over heels: showing you need to take that chance when it’s in front of you and embrace the ride of life for what it is and how it’s presented. Take nothing for granted and understand that change and chance are powerful things and can bring the greatest joy.

This story of Sean and Porter demonstrates the importance of being honest and upfront. Take the risk. Lay it all out. Reap the benefits or know that it wasn’t meant to be.

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Motorcycles & Macarons (Hearts of Snow Lake, Book 1)
By Ashton Cade

Release Date: October 18, 2019


As a biker, I’ve always loved the open road—and no man ever compared. I’ve mastered the quickie, the one-night stand, and I’m not into changing things up. Why mess with perfection?

When I roll into Snow Lake to take over my uncle’s mechanic shop, the last thing I want to do is settle down. Until I lay eyes on Grayson, who is not the kind of man suited for a one-night stand. He’s domestic as all hell, running his bakery and doing cute sh!t with his son all damn day. Not. My. Type.

But I can’t take my eyes off of him. Every time I see him, my heart pounds; I go weak in the knees. I dream about holding up a ring, and making him mine forever.

I never wanted this life—I always thought it was a trap. But Grayson, gorgeous and kind, is giving me a sweet tooth for his baked goods and all his other delights.

I just might want to make a home on this road where I’ve landed. If Gray is with me, I might fall in love with Snow Lake after all.


My partner left the minute Harry came into our lives. Ever since then, it’s been me and my boy, all on our own. I didn’t want to be a single dad, but Harry makes it all worthwhile. Sure, I’m not going on any dates, but romance can wait. I’m done with the heartbreak of losing my man, and I’m not pulling Harry into any relationship that won’t last forever.

That’s why Layton comes as a surprise. He’s everything I never wanted—a bad boy with bedroom eyes, and thighs muscled from gripping his motorcycle. He keeps showing up in my nighttime fantasies—and at my bakery every morning, looking like he wants to take a bite out of me.

When I slip up and let him get a taste, I know he’s all wrong. I can’t keep a man like Layton happy, and I need him out of my life for good. It’s too bad because I was a little bit in love.

I never imagined it would hurt so much to leave Layton behind—or that my sweet boy would want to have Layton around. Layton keeps telling me he’s for real, that he’s in this for keeps. I’ve never been the kind of guy to take a chance, but maybe this is the time to give it a try.

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Amazon US | Universal LinkGoodreads

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