Breathe (His Command, Book 5 )
By Piper Scott
Narrated by Michael Pauley

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Length: 6 hrs and 23 mins

Atop an empire of his own design lives an alpha waiting to die.

CEO Marshall Alcrest has the financial world at his feet, but it’s been years since he’s made an omega kneel… and he’s come to terms that it’s too late to ever see it happen again. A grim prognosis will cut his days short if he doesn’t take action soon, and Marshall is ready to say goodbye to his hollow, lonely life… at least, until he crosses digital paths with an omega who makes him feel alive again.

Trapped in a world that doesn’t see his value exists an omega dying to live.

Oli McKellar is stuck. He’s educated and ready to work, but his chosen field is alpha-dominated, and no marketing department is looking to hire a pretty omega with a sarcastic mouth. The bills are stacking up, his temp jobs barely cover rent, and he’s begun to think that life will never get better. The only thing that keeps him going is his online relationship with a man he only knows as Alcrest—an older, dominant alpha with a silver tongue who makes him feel like not all hope is lost.

When a chance encounter turns Oli and Marshall’s virtual relationship real, their chemistry is off the charts, and things quickly heat up. But Marshall is keeping a secret… and when Oli finds out that a hot night together isn’t all he has to remember Marshall by, they’ll need to figure out if the weight of their obstacles will choke them into submission, or if theirs is the kind of love that will conquer all and leave them both breathless.

Breathe is a 63,000-word BDSM-flavored mpreg novel set following the events of Obey, Beg, Stay, and Heal. This conclusion to the series is best enjoyed as a sequel but can be read on its own. No matter which way you read it, there will still be copious amounts of maybe-babies, a spaghetti graveyard, sexts so filthy that someone legitimately passes out, and a shower scene that will leave you gasping.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4
🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 5

Emotive, powerful and so steamy! I loved it!

OMG, I felt for Oli at every turn. He’d been dealt a hard hand but just kept on pushing through time after time. I’m so happy he finally found the happiness he deserved even though he had to fight tooth and nail for that too. Oli is amazing and so strong to keep pushing through and having eternal optimism even with a hefty amount of sarcasm on the side.

I loved their virtual relationship and duel points of view. I could feel the emotions between these two even through a messaging app. I loved there real-life meeting and was so glad that wasn’t dragged out at all. They have the same, if not more powerful chemistry when they meet than they do online. Throw in a forgetful moment culminating in a life-changing pregnancy and this story will tug on your heartstrings. While I know it is called Breathe and there are multiple reasons for that, I have realized that breathe play in this context is just not my thing, but the was really only one scene with it and everything else is so wonderful, it didn’t really affect my love of the story.

Fantastic narration by Micheal and now I just need to go back and listen to the rest of the series. Piper and Micheal make a dream team!!

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