A Royal Christmas Cruise
(A Stonewall Investigations: Miami Standalone)
By Max Walker

Nicholas Silva

This Christmas, I was determined to change things.

I was done living a lie. I felt like a puppet, so I cut the strings. I woke up one morning and broke up with my girlfriend – to the shock of everyone. That same day, I had tickets booked on a holiday cruise where I planned on cutting loose and finding the truth I had been denying myself all along.

Little did I know, I’d end up finding much more in the jaw-droppingly handsome man I met before boarding the ship. Our chemistry was immediate, and it wasn’t long before we shared a passionate kiss.

Then came his question. He asked me to be fake boyfriends with him for the duration of the cruise.

My immediate urge was to say ‘yes’ except for a tiny complication that forced me to reconsider: I’m the prince of Spain and I am still very much closeted.

Shiro Brooks

This Christmas was supposed to be for reuniting with old friends. I didn’t expect to be dealing with a break-up and becoming the seventh wheel. I tried staying positive, but after an embarrassing situation at the security checkpoint, I resigned myself to my crummy holiday fate.

Imagine my Santa-sized surprise when I bump into (and subsequently make-out with) the hottest man I’d ever met in my entire life. Drunk off our connection, I blurt out a crazy proposal.

A proposal that he quickly shoots down.

I for sure thought it would all end there. I had no idea it was only just the beginning of our story.

A Royal Christmas Cruise is a full-length and standalone Stonewall Investigations- Miami holiday story.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

So good and so much chemistry!!

I loved these two from the get go! The chemistry was off the charts and I could feel their connection from their first meeting! I really enjoy Max’s writing style, with wit, care, and emotions that seem so real they hook you and take you along for the ride. This story is no exception and all the bonus holiday feels too.

I love Nick. I found his background well thought out and could feel his pain he hid behind the mask. His coming out while a little forced felt freeing and liberating and Max does a fantastic job of making us fall in love with this sweet and sexy Royal.

I felt Shy had such great charisma, sass and adorkableness when flustered. I loved his “banana boy” entrance and the steamy meet-cute that follows. I felt Shy and Nick were equals, complemented each other perfectly and helped heal and free each other as their relationship progressed and grow over such a short time.

This is a fantastic, steamy, and organically real Christmas story and is a must holiday read for the season!!!

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Just wanted to say Thank You!(1)


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