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Elite Protection Services Series Book 2
Onley James

M/M Romance
Release Date: 12.04.19

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Cover Designer: Molly Phipps with We Got You Covered Book Design


Jayne Shepherd has spent his life blending in. He smiles. He laughs. He’s likable. He’s also a sociopath. His emotions are limited. Love, fear, desire don’t exist in his world. Until he meets Elijah.

Elijah Dunne had everything. Third generation Hollywood royalty. Child star. Untouchable. Until one man ruined it all. Elijah fled LA to try to forget, but now, he’s back on top and back on a monster’s radar. Elijah doesn’t think he’ll ever feel safe. Until he meets Shepherd.

Elijah and Shep only have one thing in common. They both wear masks. Shep makes Elijah feel protected. Seen. Elijah makes Shep just feel. Now that he’s had a taste, he’s not about to let him go.

Everybody warns that what they have isn’t real. Shep is obsessed with Elijah, not in love. But Elijah craves Shep’s obsession. He can’t imagine life without him. In Hollywood, being a sociopath is more a life skill than a diagnosis. Could Shep be the monster Elijah needs to finally slay his demons?

Captivating is the second book in the Elite Protection Services Series and contains age-gap, cum-play, voyeurism and one very sexy interrogation scene complete at 72,000 words with an HEA and no cliffhangers.

Trigger Warnings: This book contains talk of past child sexual abuse

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It occurred to Elijah that Shep meant it. “You’ve never been happy?”

Shep shrugged. “I’ve never been anything, really. Not fully. It’s like experiencing touch with gloves on. I know that I should feel things and sometimes I do, but the sensations are… dulled.”

A sadness settled over Elijah. “You feel nothing? Love? Happiness? Desire?”

All the air left Elijah’s lungs as Shep leaned into Elijah’s space, lips skimming his cheek. “When you look at me, I feel it.” Shep murmured. “When you gasped my name, I felt it.”

“Felt it how,” Elijah managed.

Shep gripped Elijah’s hips, pulling him flush against him. Elijah sucked in a breath at the feel of Shep’s obvious arousal. “I might not understand love or hate, but my body understands yours. My body responds to you… only you. Do you understand?”

Elijah’s heart felt like it would fly from his chest. He didn’t understand. Not really. But Shep wanted him. Just him. That was enough. It was more than enough. Elijah caught Shep’s lips in a hesitant kiss, still unsure how to proceed.

Shep’s hands rose to cup his face, deepening the kiss in a way that left Elijah breathless. Shep kissed him like he was trying to inhale him, absorb him through osmosis, and it left Elijah shaky and wanting more. When Shep’s fingers slipped beneath Elijah’s shirt, his thoughts went fuzzy, until he could only think of Shep’s palms skimming along his sides, his lips grazing along the skin of his throat. When he buried his nose behind Elijah’s ear, Shep growled—literally growled—and the sound went straight to Elijah’s dick. “You smell so good,” Shep muttered almost to himself.

Elijah dragged Shep back up for another kiss. “I want you,” he said against his lips.

Before he could even comprehend his intentions Shep was jostling Elijah, tugging his pants and underwear out of the way to free his erection. “What—” was all he managed before Shep’s head dipped, his body bending in half to envelop his cock in the most perfect suction. “Oh, Jesus. Oh, fuck… You don’t have to do…. Oh, holy fuck. Never mind. Yes, do that.”

onlylogo (1)Onley James is the pen name of YA author, Martina McAtee, who lives in Florida with her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and a menagerie of animals, both good and evil. When she’s not writing m/m romance or supernatural LGBT young adult books, she’s running 7 Sisters Publishing and attempting to maintain both her sanity and her full-time job as an RN.

When not at work you can find her mainlining Starbucks refreshers, whining about how much she has to do and avoiding the things she has to do by binge-watching unhealthy amounts of television in one sitting. She loves ghost stories, true crime documentaries, obsessively scrolling social media and writing kinky, snarky books about men who fall in love with other men.

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