Book Title: What Works For Us
Author: Colette Davison

Publisher: Independently published
Cover Artist: Colette Davison
Release Date: December 17, 2019
Genre/s: Contemporary M/M Romance
Trope/s: Age-gap, role-playing, Daddy kink, out for you
Themes: Self-discovery; sexual awakening
Heat Rating: 4 flames
Length: 57 000 words
It is a standalone story.

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An elf costume, a pair of lacy knickers, and a Christmas charity auction might make Sam’s Christmas wish come true.


When sweet barista, Sam, agrees to be a ‘slave’ in a Christmas charity auction, he’s thrilled to be bought by the man he’s had a crush on for the last three months.
Theodore is everything Sam is looking for in a man: older, authoritative, and caring. Unfortunately, Sam isn’t the most forward person when it comes to telling men he likes them. Wearing a sexy costume allows him to be a much flirtier version of himself, but can a naughty elf tempt Theodore into bed?
As their relationship intensifies, Sam finds something in Theodore he didn’t realise he needed: a man he wants to call his Daddy.
But Theodore isn’t out of the closet, and whilst Sam is happy existing in a bubble over Christmas, he knows that can’t last forever.
Can Sam risk giving his heart to a Daddy who might not ever be able to hold his hand in public, let alone commit to him?

What Works For Us is a Christmas romance with an age-gap relationship, lacy underwear, role-play, Daddy kink, and a guaranteed happy ending.

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

Funny, sweet and so endearing (& that’s just the first few chapters!)

I found this story and these characters so endearing!! This story lifted my mood and gave me all the feels! I loved both Sam and Theodore. While they each have their flaws, troubles, and desires, Colette balanced all their nuances perfectly!

I felt for troubled and closeted Theodore and his internalized homophobia. Colette took care to address this and slowly brought Theo out of his shell and allowed him to challenge his upbringing and eventually find peace in himself.

Sam was just adorable! He had moments of sass that was just adorable but his soft and shy nature was what endeared him to me. I loved that he tried to take the lead and put himself out there even though he was scared and it when against his submissive desires but it balanced so well with Theo’s needs and allowed for intimacy and their unique connection to flourish.

While set at Christmas, I would happily dive into this story at any time of year! If you’d like a book with a little kink and a lot of feels then look no further! I loved it!

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He stood and opened the door, and his heart leapt into his throat. His whole body tingled as he found himself unable to tear his gaze away from what the young man was wearing.

Sam didn’t have the boxer shorts on. Instead, he wore a woman’s elf costume, which comprised of a short dress with a green lace-up bodice and bright red skirt. Due to Sam’s height, the skirt barely covered the top third of his thighs. The skirt was filled out with netting, like a tutu, making it even shorter. Sam was wearing candy cane-striped stockings. Theodore knew they were stockings because he could see the top of the suspenders peeking out beneath the white fake fur trim on the hem of the skirt. In his head, Sam wore a floppy hat—like the Santa ones that had been flooding the shops for the last three months—but in green to match the bodice. Theodore managed to drag his gaze down to Sam’s feet long enough to note that he was wearing black pumps.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to clean in high heels,” Sam said in a confidential whisper. He sounded and looked more confident than he had minutes before.

Theodore’s mind had turned to goo. He’d seen men in drag before, but this was different. Sam’s festive costume was tapping into desires that Theodore hadn’t realised he had. He could feel his blood pumping through his veins, racing to get to his dick rather than his heart. He had a sudden desire to pull Sam into his arms and kiss him. Hard.

Dear God, don’t let me get an erection.

Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Sam did a slow twirl. At the back, the skirt barely covered his bottom, giving Theodore the tiniest glimpse of white lace. A shiver ran through him, and he let out a little gasp of desire.

“Do you like it?” Sam asked.


About the Author

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

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