Ghost of a Memory
(Haunted Souls, Book 7)
by Pandora Pine


A mysterious vision sends P.I. Jude Byrne into a near-frenzy. The skinwalker who killed his father is about to strike again. With his family in danger, Jude knows he must return to the Navajo reservation where he was raised to confront the killer head on.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a stranger in a strange land. He doesn’t know much about the Navajo culture or his place in Jude’s family. What he does know is that his gifts aren’t welcome, even though the spirits trying to speak to him may hold the key to the killer’s identity.

As the investigation progresses, there’s something niggling at the back of Jude’s mind, a shadowy memory that could stop this evil in its tracks. Can Jude recover this ghost of a memory in time, or will the killer claim his next innocent victim?

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.75 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5

I love Jude and Cope and now little Wolf! Such a great series!!

From the cliffhanger epilogue in book 6, Pandora had me on the edge of my seat and thankfully book 7 kicks off right away, but it wouldn’t be a Pandora book without a challenge to start! Jude has a vision about Wolf and dangers from his past and wakes in a panic but can’t remember the dream/vision. Jude and Cope then enter a dangerous web of magick, darkness, and danger as Jude faces his past and returns home to the Navajo reservation.

I love how Pandora included a rich history and knowledge of Navajo culture, tradition and belief’s in this story and I loved the balance of Jude’s Navajo side and Cope’s magick and how they were able to face the dangers ahead together to save their son, their present and their future from the darkness, danger, and betrayal of the past!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Jude grow over the course of this series and feel he is stronger and better as the series goes on. I love the Ronan/Jude Bromance and while The West Side Magick crew aren’t really featured in his story I loved Jude and Cope’s tribute to Ronan with their son’s name.

This is a great paranormal series, with fantastic characters I just can’t get enough of. I loved it!!

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Ghost Pain
(Haunted Souls, Book 6)
by Pandora Pine

Psychic Copeland Forbes is still recovering from a gunshot wound that nearly ended his life. Back at work for the first time since the shooting, Jude and Cope interview a potential client who claims he’s being haunted by an ex-boyfriend. A man, they discover, that is missing and presumed dead. Making matters worse, Cope can’t connect with the man’s spirit.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is torn between working the case and insisting Cope stay home to recover. After almost losing him once, Jude doesn’t want to take any chances with the second chance they have been given.

As the suspect list continues to grow, so do incidences of phantom chest pains for Cope. Convinced he’s not crazy, Cope enlists the help of Madam Aurora to make contact with the reticent spirit.

Can Jude and Cope find the killer or will the next ghost pain finish what Cope’s gunman started?

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4

I couldn’t put it down!! Another crackin’ case for Jude and Cope!!

I love the world Pandora’s created and everyone at West Side Magick and Jude and Cope just keep getting better. Now I’m going to preface this and say I haven’t read all of the Haunted Souls series or all of the Cold Case Psychic series (yet) but I’ve read enough to know and love the all characters and know who’s who of West Side Magick. So in saying that I have only read books 1 & 2 of Haunted Souls, so I didn’t know what happened to Cope and the circumstances surrounding the case in which he gets shot in the chest. Thankfully Pandora gives you enough of an explanation as the story goes on that I wasn’t really that lost. I know and love al the characters so I feel that is to my advantage.

Now onto this story, and boy what a story it is!!! As good as ever, I was on the edge of my seat to know what would happen next. I think this story links heavily to the events of book 5 in that it’s all about healing for Jude and Cope, both physically, emotionally and psychically. For most of the book, we are with Cope (and Jude) and how he is recovering from basically dying. Cope is trying to reconnect with his powers and heal from his past. The case they take on was thrilling and paralleled Cope’s past a little too closely that in made it even harder for Cope to heal and communicate with the ghost hitchhiker, Lucien. I was caught up in the case and the twists and turns from the start. I did, however, feel like the climax of the case was somewhat twisted and a little confusingly a little anticlimactic with how the case came to Jude and Cope in the first place. All in all, I still loved it and still love all the characters. I need to catch up on the series and find out how and when Jude and Cope got engaged.

Extra note: OMG, Pandora! The epilogue had me on the edge of my seat and I’m chomping at the bit for book 7. This is turning out to be a fantastic series and just as good as Cold Case Psychics! I’m loving it all! I can’t wait to find out more about Jude’s past and Wolf in Book 7!!!

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See where Jude & Cope began…

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Ghost Of Himself (Haunted Souls, Book 1)
by Pandora Pine
Narrated by Michael Pauley

Length: 7 hrs and 26 mins

When a reclusive psychic shows up looking for Jude Byrne in his adopted hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, the private investigator’s walls go up instantly. Psychic or not, this mysterious man knows secrets about Jude’s past that are better left buried in the New Mexico desert. Stranger still is the personality change that comes over the flirty P.I. after he meets the newcomer.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a man on the edge. The once popular and well-respected medium has lived in seclusion since an attack by a former student has shaken his confidence in his abilities. Sickened by an ailment no doctor can diagnose, he travels from his home in Louisiana to seek out the one man he believes he can help him, if the rumors are true.

Faced with an enemy possessing powers greater than either man has ever faced alone, will Jude and Copeland decide to work together to defeat this dark magick? Or will both men continue on as they are now, ghosts of themselves?

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Ghost Story
(Haunted Souls, Book 2)
by Pandora Pine
Narrated by Michael Pauley

Length: 7 hours and 36 minutes.

Newly-minted Ghost Detective Jude Byrne finally has his life in order. He’s got a job he loves, friends he can count on, and a partner he actually likes. Jude’s only problem is the growing attraction between himself and his partner. He knows nothing will sink their partnership quicker than giving in to those urges.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is settling nicely into Salem, Massachusetts. He and Jude have formed the perfect partnership, with the former PI researching the history of the places they are hired to investigate, while it’s Cope’s job to communicate with the spirits they encounter to either move them on to the other side or work out an amicable arrangement with the people now living in their home. So far, the duo has a perfect record and completely satisfied customers.

The detectives’ record is put to the test when teenager Xavier Lewis parks his bike outside West Side Magick and asks if Jude and Cope’s fee can be paid via weekly installments of his allowance money. When Jude tells the boy it all depends on the story he has to tell, neither detective is prepared for the tale that spills out of Xavier’s mouth. When the boy tells them about a ghostly woman in white that he thinks is trying to kill him, Jude and Copeland are all in.

The partners soon discover that not all ghosts can be reasoned with, and that the risks of dealing with the paranormal are very real indeed. Will the ghost detectives be able to solve the mystery of the woman in white, or will they become the next victims in her ghost story?

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