has own-voices trans and queer representation.


The Things We Hide At Home by Nem Rowan

Release Date: January 25, 2020
Genre: LGBTQIA+ Thriller Erotic Romance,
(Own-voices for queer and transgender)

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THE THINGS WE HIDE AT HOME by Nem Rowan is released today, on January 25th, and we are celebrating that with a release blitz! The things we hide at home is a kink-positive BDSM-themed MM Romance with a side order of Thriller. Confident trans man Tenny meets shy older David at a fetish club and instantly takes a liking to him, so it’s not long before the two are dating and exploring each others friendship. Unfortunately for Tenny, a possessive stalker is harassing him, and all evidence points to David as the culprit.

Synopsis for The Things We Hide At Home:

The night Tenny first meets David at the Oubliette Club is when it all begins: the lewd pictures being posted through Tenny’s door, an intruder attempting to enter his home, the feeling of being watched and followed around. David is shy, timid and inexperienced when it comes to BDSM. He stands out like a sore thumb amongst the usual club-goers and Tenny is instantly drawn to his gentle nature.

However, David doesn’t gel well with Tenny’s overtly brash best friends, all of whom believe there’s something strange about him. Tenny understands David’s awkwardness, seeing something of his former self in him, and he quickly grows fond of his new friend.

In the meantime, Tenny does his best to deal with being stalked by an unknown stranger, wanting so hard to believe David is innocent.

Tenny fails to see how someone so quiet and fragile could ever do such horrible things, and is unable to stop from falling for him. Still, the unanswered questions, David’s evasiveness surrounding his past, and co-incidental circumstances leave Tenny no choice but to confront the truth.


Exclusive Excerpt:

Vanessa was sitting in the winged armchair near the window, her feet crossed at the ankle as she rested them upon the back of her client, on his hands and knees. Unlike the night before, she was dressed more modestly in a long black dress with bangles on her wrists and twinkling, diamond drop earrings. The heels on her feet laced up to her knee, and across her lap, she clasped a rattan cane.

“Tenny! What are you doing here? I thought you were going out with Growler?” she questioned as I approached and found a place to sit on the sofa that matched the chair she was occupying.

“Oh, yeah, I did, earlier; we went to the gym and for coffee.” I nodded, fiddling with my keys. “I just didn’t want to go home to an empty house.”

“Have you had lunch?” she asked, and when I shook my head, all she did was gesture to Rebecca to send her out of the room to fetch me something. “What’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

Vanessa’s client grumbled as she adjusted the weight of her feet on his back and she knocked him with the end of her cane to remind him to be quiet.

“Well, to be honest, something a bit weird happened when I got home,” I replied, at last relieved I was somewhere safe and with company.

“Like what? You ain’t got a ghost, have you?” She stared at me, and at first, I thought she was joking but she didn’t laugh. When I just stared at her in return, she frowned and her plump mouth curved into a wry grin. “Well, you never know. This house was haunted when we moved in. We had to have a medium come over and clean it or whatever.”

“It wasn’t a ghost, it was a man,” I explained, deciding not to follow the topic of ghosts and hauntings. I didn’t really believe in them, anyway. “He was hiding behind my hedge, spying on me as I was going into my house. He ran away when I spotted him.”

“Did you get to see what he looked like?” she inquired. The amusement had vanished from her face, replaced with caution.

“All I saw was that he wore a red hoodie and jeans. He had his hood up so I didn’t see his face.”

“It wasn’t that weird David guy, was it?”

“What? No way. I don’t think so anyway.” I rolled my eyes as I scoffed.

She observed me, assessing the situation. “Just be careful, Tenny. Keep an eye out, make sure no one’s following you. I got stalked once, and the only thing that made it stop was going to the police. If something happens, call the police, alright?” She raised a pencil-stroke eyebrow at me as she leaned forward to catch my gaze.

“I’m not being stalked. Don’t be ridiculous.” I dismissively waved a hand at her.

“Two hours he stood there watching you last night,” she reminded me.

I shook my head at her in disbelief. “Yeah, and? Lots of people stood there for two hours. The guy was just shy and socially awkward, okay. God, you’re starting to sound like the mother I never had.”

“That’s because I am the mother you never had, so you’d better bloody listen to me.” She playfully swatted my leg with her cane, so I smacked it away with my hand, chuckling.



About the Author:


Nem Rowan lives in Sweden with his wife, their girlfriend and their three children. He loves reading non-fiction and is fascinated by True Crime and unsolved mysteries, especially missing persons cases and serial killers. Nem is also well-read in mythology and folk tales, particularly British and European folklore. He is a huge fan of Horror movies and Retrowave music.

Nem started writing when he was 11 years old and since then, he’s never looked back. Romance has always been his favourite genre after inheriting a box of Mills & Boon novels from his grandma, but being a Horror fan, there is always some way for him to work in a bit of that to make sure things don’t get too mushy.

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