Conspiracy Theory
(Hamarsson & Dempsey #1)
By Elle Keaton
Narrated by Michael Pauley


Genre: MM Romance/Mystery/Suspense

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Mat Dempsey returned to Piedras Island after his father’s death. These days he’s Island County’s sheriff. He’s happy enough, even if moving home from San Francisco effectively forced him back into the closet. Mat’s well-ordered universe collapses when a local’s body is discovered floating in the cold waters of Hidden Harbor’s marina. All hell breaks loose in the community, and accusations fly…all coinciding with Niall Hamarsson’s return.

Niall and Mat have a history, and it’s not one Mat’s proud of. He owes Niall an apology, even if it means getting down on his knees. However, Mat’s first priority is investigating the murder before his community tears itself apart, and he may have to ask the aloof Niall Hamarsson for help.

Push apart, pull together, yes or no… The chemistry crackles between them, but will the two men be able to put aside their pasts and embrace a future?

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥 Heat Level: 2.5 (super slow burn)
🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 4.5

Interesting second chance mystery/romance with more mystery than romance.

I was drawn in from the start and enjoyed the “who done it” accepts of this somewhat twisted and layered, murder mystery. I felt both male leads were really strong, bold characters. Each with their own flaws. I loved the small-town life and the colorful “townies”; some truly awesome characters! I really liked the crime-solving and mystery aspect and it did keep me guessing or at least going back and for on who the “bad guy” was that I was able to really enjoy the ride.

I felt for Niall and his harsh upbringing. I feel he’s a really good character we can learn more about and has great depth beyond what we’ve already witnessed. As I mentioned earlier the story is mostly ALL mystery and a bit of back and forth for Mat and Niall with them finally “coming together” in that last 7 minutes or so, so a very slow burn on the romance front but has left me thoroughly intrigued for what’s next for this “crime-fighting” pair, so I’m looking forward to the next book as theses characters navigate these feelings and their connection further.

As ever Michael is awesome and I look forward to the rest of the series being narrated by him!!

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About Elle:

Elle hails from the northwet corner of the US known for, rain, rain, and more rain. She pens the Accidental Roots series, the Never Too Late series, and the soon be published Hamarsson and Dempsey series, all set here in the Pacific Northwest. All Elle’s books feature hot mm romance with the guarantee of an HEA. The men start out broken, and maybe they end up that way too, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle began publishing March 2017, now she has ten books out. Fall 2019 Elle is adding a third series, Hamarsson and Dempsey, also set in the Pacific Northwest. H&D will focus on a single couple as they navigate the treacherous waters of romance and police work.

Elle loves both cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with ballpoint pen.

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