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The Play Of His Life by Amy Aislin


Book Blurb:

The last person Christian wants to run into on a visit home to spend time with his mom over the holidays is his former best friend-turned-lover-turned-ex. But there Riley is, in all his tall, chiseled, blondness. The same guy who walked out on him six years ago, breaking his heart in the process. Who knew he’s still in love with the jerk?

Two years ago, Riley was injured out of the NHL, but he’s got his own bakery now and a quiet life selling quiches and cupcakes to his customers. Then Christian unexpectedly walks back into his life, forcing Riley to question his choices. Especially that one choice he made six years ago that walked him out of Christian’s life. Now if only he had the courage to tell a boy how he really feels about him…

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.5

An emotive second-chance romance with all the feels!!

Wow, what a beautiful, emotional and romantic story!

I felt for both Christian and Riley and you could feel their connection right from the start. Amy weaves an emotional and compassionate second chance story about your one person, your soul mate, the person you are meant to be with. This story follows Christian and ex-NHL goalie Riley and their journey back together after hurt, 6 long years and no one else comparing to the real connection they had. There are ups and downs and a fair bit of “not communicating” but their love and desire for each other wins out in the end.

I loved how Amy injected wit and humor and balanced out all the emotions! I loved the little things each character did or held onto even though they were not together and to see them come back to each other was really beautiful.

A beautiful story of hope, love and wonderful second chances, with all the feels!! I loved it!

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Special Guest Post from Amy:

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the rerelease of my second chance romance novella, The Play of His Life, and thank you to Books, Tattoos and Tea for having me today.

I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt from The Play of His Life. Check it out below!


A small part of him wondered if starting something up with Riley again was such a good idea. The last time they’d hooked up Riley had left him. Gone as if what they’d shared the night after his dad’s funeral had been nothing worth remembering. For Christian, that night had been a rekindling of the passion between them. Fuck, he sounded like a Hallmark movie. But he’d thought that night had been…well, if not picking up where they’d left off over a year earlier than certainly starting something new.

Whereas to Riley, Christian had been a one-night stand. A trick. And the part of him that was still so deeply hurt by that wanted to run away and hide.

But he’d never run from his feelings. Especially not when it came to Riley. So the other part of him—a very large part—took caution, bundled it into a little ball, and threw it in the lake with the lost ships and nasty fish. Because what if he didn’t take this chance? What if he just let Riley breeze through his life again like they’d never meant anything to each other? Would he spend the rest of his life wondering “what if”?

Yes. One thousand percent yes.

And if this went wrong and failed epically and his heart got shredded to bits again? Tough titties. At least he’d know that he’d tried.

Deciding two could play Riley’s game, Christian hid a grin, slid one foot up Riley’s leg until he reached his crotch and then pressed his toes against Riley’s dick.

Riley choked.


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About Amy:

Amy’s lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she’s read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess. Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she’s been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn’t at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada’s largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group, Amy Aislin’s Readers, to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her newsletter.

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