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Winter’s End & the Angel Hills Series
By Rebecca James

Angel Hills, Book 3

This, the third and final book of the Angel Hills series, follows characters introduced in the first two books. This series must be read in order for complete understanding and enjoyment. However, reading the River Wolf Pack or Cascade Cities series is not required.
Dangerous and debilitating illnesses among the omegas of Angel Hills Pack cause concern for pack alpha Grey and his long-time beta mate, Ian. Grey must decide if he’s willing to let their omega mate, Gabriel, take the antidote offered by the human doctors in Cascade City or risk never allowing the omega to reproduce again.

Angel Hills Series:

Book 3 – Winter’s End
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Book 1 – Omega Arrival
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Book 2 – Ripples of Threat
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Exclusive Excerpt from Winter’s End:

And Canaan was always willing. In fact, the beta seemed to thrive on submitting, which was a little surprising in a werewolf as stubborn as Canaan was. But every session Duncan had with Canaan left the beta calmer than he’d started out.

Although the hour was late, Duncan set out from his home on the small rise by the lake and walked to Canaan’s house in the woods. The beta was likely asleep, but Duncan’s cock had been hard all day, and he badly needed release. Canaan had to work in the morning, and Duncan was curious if the beta would turn him down.

Maybe he wanted Canaan to turn him down. Give the alpha a reason to end their relationship, which would probably be for the best. But the thought disquieted Duncan for reasons he wasn’t sure of.

With this in mind, the alpha knocked forcefully on the door of Canaan’s home. A moment later, a blurry-eyed Canaan opened the door. His disheveled, sleepy appearance softened the beta’s normally sharp, angular features, and Duncan felt a pang of affection before he firmly tamped it down. Perhaps he should apologize for waking up Canaan by paying a visit so late at night, but hell—if the beta didn’t like it, he could say so and that would be that. He knew Canaan capable of speaking his own mind.

“Duncan?” Bright green eyes squinted at the alpha, followed by a smirk that caused the dimple in the beta’s right cheek to make an appearance. Duncan’s heartbeat inexplicably accelerated. “You miss me or something?”

Duncan growled at the very thought that missing someone would drive him over to their house at that hour.

“More like horny.” Stepping over the threshold, he backed Canaan against the wall, reaching around with both hands to squeeze the beta’s full ass cheeks through soft sleep pants as he covered Canaan’s mouth with his. When he’d started this thing between them, he hadn’t intended to make kissing part of it, but he’d found that plunging his tongue into Canaan’s mouth was almost as addictive as plunging his cock into the beta’s tight hole. And if he could accomplish both at once, all the better.

Canaan moaned into the kiss, and Duncan’s cock grew even harder, his knot enlarging at the base. Canaan ran a hand over the bulge in the alpha’s pants, skilled fingers sending shivers of desire throughout Duncan’s body.

Duncan’s lips wandered from Canaan’s mouth to the underside of the beta’s jaw, then up to the tender skin behind the beta’s left ear. Canaan moaned and pushed against the alpha, bowing his lithe body to form to Duncan’s. “The moon run is tomorrow night,” Duncan murmured silkily. “We’ll run together.” The thought of running under the full moon with the beta lit Duncan from the inside, and he wasn’t sure why. At Canaan’s brief nod, Duncan swept the beta off his feet and carried him to the small bedroom.

Book 1 – Omega Arrival
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Emotions run high when five omegas are traded to the Angel Hills Pack, which has suffered a decline in population after an illness killed a fourth of its wolves.

After a previous mating Justin would rather forget, he’s happy to leave his old compound and start afresh. A part of him hopes the gorgeous second-in-command alpha, Milo, will choose him for a mate. As memories of his life with Stone haunt his dreams, Justin struggles to make the right decision for himself as well as his four pups.

Gabriel doesn’t want to mate at all, but as one of the traded omegas, he knows he doesn’t have a choice. He just hopes he’ll end up with a beta and not an alpha. How does he feel when he’s mated to both? Grey is the pack alpha of Angel Hills and he and his baron beta, Ian, want to start a family to continue the dynasty. Is that all they want Gabriel for, a breeding machine?

When an intruder is detected in the compound, everyone is on high alert, especially as the new arrival proves remarkably adept at remaining hidden. Will the newly-created mating bonds be strong enough, or will rancor and bitterness win out?

Book 2 – Ripples of Threat
Universal Link | Goodreads

Sequel to Omega Arrival

New relationships form and existing ones continue to evolve for the wolves of Angel Hills.

Vincent struggles with his beta mate Craig’s rejection, while alpha mate Kale considers a dramatic resolution to the matter. Gabriel’s second pregnancy is even more difficult than the first, and an outsider begins to consider a connection to another omega’s recent troubles. Meanwhile, his and Ian’s secret eats away at the ill omega.

Christopher turns eighteen and, losing hope Xavier might never think of Christopher as anything but a little brother, he accepts another werewolf’s attention. X’s eventual interest proves the beginning of the young beta’s problems rather than the end.

Accustomed to gaining enemies when pursuing what he wants, Canaan learns something new about himself from über-alpha, Duncan, who, long-convinced his extreme needs will never be met in Angel Hills, becomes unwillingly caught up with the bratty beta.

Will the threats to the werewolves’ way of life from both within and outside the compound bring the pack closer together or pull them further apart?

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About the Author:

Rebecca James loves writing MM romance with a little angst but always with a happily ever after.

Rebecca James lives in the southeastern United States. She’s married and has three children, a dog, and a bunch of cats.

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