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Love In Progress by Logan Grey

Heartbelt Records, Book 3

After years of hustling their music and uploading vlogs, Jayce and Blaine have finally landed the record deal of a lifetime.

When the label gets a taste of their chemistry on screen, the album vision is changed from a lyrical tale of two friends to one of a budding romance.
And that’s not all.

Even when the cameras stop rolling, Jayce and Blaine are expected to sell their new story.

The thing is, for Jayce, it’s a little too easy to play the role of ‘boyfriend’ instead of ‘best friend’, until he realizes it’s not pretend at all.

With a life-long friendship and life-changing careers on the line, they’ll have to put their feelings aside and fake it ‘til they make it, or watch their dreams go up in flames.

*This friends to lovers romance is a standalone in the Heartbelt Records Series, and can be read as such.

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Exclusive Excerpt:


“She’s right,” he agreed, as he leaned forward, gaze intent. “These could easily be implied in a different light and might actually reach a wider audience. Because almost everyone can relate to falling in love, but they can’t relate to having a friendship as special as yours.”

Jayce frowned. “Wouldn’t that be following the trend though? Don’t we want to stand out as different?”

“Yes, but not so off market that no one gets it. You’re artists, I know you have songs stashed somewhere about love. Where are they?” Caleb inquired excitedly.

Jayce glared at him and the sense he was making, his instinctive reaction to shoot it down and ignore the suggestion. But his response was born out of preservation of his emotions, so he kept his mouth shut, because he didn’t trust what would come out. Instead, he turned to Blaine to gauge his reaction.

Blaine was leaning back on the couch, arms crossed as he stared at the table, brows furrowed in consternation.

“I don’t… hate the idea,” he finally admitted.

Jayce barely kept his jaw from dropping. How could he not hate it?

“Most of the language is already spot on, it’s just changing how the listeners and viewers would perceive it,” Colbi continued. “We would just need a new song or two to really nail the point home.”

“How far would we be taking it?” Jayce questioned hesitantly.

Jayce wanted to keep the live performances in mind as they wrote and composed the music. Oh god, and there were music videos. Their vlogs.

How far would they be taking the new… vibe? A love story… with Blaine?

“How are your acting skills?” Caleb countered with a knowing grin.

And it was then that Jayce realized he was utterly and totally doomed.

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About Logan:

Logan resides in Tennessee, convinced her southern twang is part of her charm. With two cats and a dog, her hands are full, and not just of treats like her pets would like to believe. As a full time author, she dedicates all of her time bringing to life different characters and developing new worlds for her readers to lose themselves in. And more often than not, she loses herself in them, which is her favorite place to be: with a cat in her lap, a snack in hand, and voices in her head.

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