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Undisclosed by Liza Gaines
Series: A Public Relations Novel, Book 1

Publisher: self-published
Release Date (Print & Ebook): June 16, 2020
Length (Print & Ebook): 75,000 words
Subgenre: Contemporary Romance
Warnings: accidental pregnancy, politics, cliffhanger
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UNDISCLOSED is a contemporary romance, about old summer flings, a secret pregnancy, politics and the return of old flames.

After a summer fling in college, Gwen disappears leaving Mac to wonder what happened to her.  When she reappears a dozen years later to work on a presidential campaign with him, she has a secret that turns his life upside down but the magnetic pull between them is as strong as ever.

Book synopsis:

When I stroll into my job interview at a prestigious PR firm in D.C., the last thing I expect is my teenage fling, the sexy and enigmatic Mac, behind the desk. The firm’s newest client is a woman running against the incumbent President of the United States, and I want this job so desperately that I can taste it—not to mention I have reasons for needing the income. Big secrets I’ve kept from Mac.

Gwen disappeared years ago then shows up in my office, looking beautiful as ever. And, even worse, it kills me that she’s the perfect person for the job. I’m going crazy being in her proximity all the time, pretending we never spent that one hot summer together. Then I discover what Gwen’s been hiding from me—a young son with my eyes. Suddenly, my whole world’s upended. Between complications with my messed-up family, issues on the campaign trail, and the chemistry reigniting with Gwen, I’m forced to decide what really matters…and the kind of man and father I want to be.

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Mac scrunches up his face and lifts his chin, his voice tight. “What, specifically, is it you think he liked about you?”

“I was a reliable lay. Isn’t that what most guys that age want?”

“I’d bet my left nut he’d have a different answer if you asked him.”

The implication is clear, and he wants me to ask, but I’m not prepared for him to talk about love again. It’s hard enough facing the truth of our past without his false memories clouding the issue further. And if they aren’t false? That’s even worse, because it means all my assumptions were wrong. It means maybe things would have been different if I’d told him when my Mom left. If I’d told him about Tristan. I’m too much of a coward to face those possibilities. “Maybe, but I’m probably boring you with all this. I should leave you alone so you can get some rest before the flight,” I answer, my voice little more than a whisper. I wasn’t sure how far I’d get in telling my version of our story, but I’m emotionally wrung out already and have been since our encounter last night. This seems like as good a place as any to take a break.

“You’ve come this far. You might as well finish it.” He shrugs with an air of indifference that is a lie.

There’s no way I can actually finish the story. Not today, not yet. I just don’t have the emotional strength to do it all in one go, and I can’t tell him about Tristan in the middle of an airport. We’ll need privacy for that discussion. But I can buckle down and get through what he thinks is the finish to our story. “Well, like I said, we had this great summer together and then the first day of school, I was supposed to go to his apartment after my last class. I stopped at Lindsey’s to shower and change my clothes and while I was there, Mom called. She’d gotten a new boyfriend, and he didn’t like the little girls. Having kids around who aren’t old enough to be left home alone really cramps a guy’s style, I guess, and I think it bothered him even more because they weren’t his kids, you know? So, Mom gives me this big lecture about what a disappointment I am and she ends it by telling me since I’m not going to live up to my potential anyway, she’s leaving. She said I needed to come home and take care of my sisters because she and—shit, I don’t even remember his name…whatever—she and her boyfriend were leaving in the morning and if I wasn’t there, she’d turn Willie and Liv over to the state.” Despite my inability to remember her boyfriend’s name, I remember that night as if it were yesterday. Just talking about it makes my stomach roil and my vision get fuzzy around the edges, and I hope Mac doesn’t notice the way my breathing has grown shallow and irregular.


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About the Author:

Liza Gaines grew up in Michigan before moving to Virginia in 2007.  She misses her family and the Great Lakes but has otherwise fallen in love with her adopted home state.

A dedicated reader, Liza often has her nose in a book.  She also enjoys cooking, baking, knitting, and watching terrible science fiction movies with her husband.  Their small farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia is home to an ever-expanding menagerie that currently includes three dogs, five cats, two horses, and three goats.

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