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Back to You by Kiska Gray

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I’m in love with Dane Fisher.

Not only is he my best friend, but he’s the one to pick up the broken pieces when my life falls apart. We’re partners-in-crime. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly, and I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember.

But he can never find out. It would kill me to lose him.

And then I lose him anyway.

Yet, the universe has a way of bringing us together again—and this time, I’m not giving up on us.

It will always come back to him…

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He bent down to scratch the gray kitten behind the ear. Immediately, a tiny rumbling came from the little feline, and my heart swooped.

“This’s Smoky. We helped take care of him and his brother Ash after their momma got sick and couldn’t feed them no more, so we fed them with bottles. Momma Jo said we can’t keep them though.” Tad pouted. “She said they already had homes.”

“Lemme see this guy.” Gently plucking the kitten from the boy’s arms, Dane immediately planted Smoky in mine. And when Smoky head-butted my chest with a happy purr, I melted. I cuddled him close, but not before I saw the sheepishly-guilty grin on my boyfriend’s face. Yep. This was a Dane Fisher trap, one-hundred percent.

“What do you think, Hols?” he asked after Tad and Ryan had wandered off.

“Damn it, Dane…” He knew I’d be powerless to resist such an adorable face. Smoky had one blue eye and one green, and his tiny paw pads were speckled pink and black. How could I say no to that? It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life.

“He needs a real name, don’t you think?” Dane singsonged.

“Custard’s gonna be pissed,” I mumbled, even as I pressed a kiss to the top of the kitten’s head.

“How about… Pudding? Flan? Jello?” He laughed. “J-E-L-L-O. Jello. We’ve got Custard, so this little munchkin needs a food name so he fits in, you know?” He winked. “So start thinking, baby, because we’re taking him home.”

“You’re so bad,” I groaned. “And I walked right into this, didn’t I?”

“You sure did.” His bright smile made my chest squeeze and flutter simultaneously. God, I loved him. I loved him so much. Honestly, he could’ve brought home a potbelly pig and I would’ve accepted it into our hearts, no questions asked.

“Hmm.” I thought about it for a moment. Holding the kitten out away from me, so I could study his sleepy eyes and sooty whiskers, I hummed. “What about Tiramisu? You know, after that dessert we had in Florida? That was so good.”

“How could I forget? And that’s adorable, for the record.”

I tapped my finger atop the kitten’s speckled nose. “Tiramisu it is.”

Dane bit his lip and hugged me to his side. “Ready?”

“Kitten of courage? Check. So yes.”


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About Kiska:

Kiska Gray is a 30-something crazy cat lady living in small-town Indiana. She’s a lover of music (hung up on Ed Sheeran at this moment) and coffee (extra sweet!) She shares an apartment with two spoiled cats, one fat and one skinny, and spends her free time writing, reading, aimlessly browsing Facebook, playing Stardew Valley and Pokemon, and staring off into space.

Connect with Kiska:
Insta: @authorkiskagray


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