Arms of the Ocean
Jamie Webster, M. Dalto
Published by: Parliament House
Publication date: July 7th 2020
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult

Nineteen-year-old Tristaine lived a life of bitterness. When her mother abandoned her family, and her father began drinking, Tris discovered the only thing that truly brought her happiness: the sea.

It called to her like a lover and flowed through her like a life force. When her only peace is threatened to be taken away, Tris realizes there is nothing she wouldn’t do to remain with the ocean.

Even if it means taking her own life to do so.

But the sea isn’t done with her -not yet- and Tris soon finds herself submerged in a world where love, betrayal, and honor stand stronger than any other force of nature.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

A lull in our dancing came at the end of a faster song, and Ember and Loch deigned to get themselves a drink while I took a seat on a nearby bench under a trellis. Imri took a seat next to me.

“You know,” he said, motioning to the skirt of my skin, “You can make it so that you can still wear clothes over it, if you so choose.”

I turned to him, blinking. “You mean like…”

“Undergarments,” he affirmed. “So long as it’s on you, you can wear it any way you’d like.”

I blushed, but found myself smirking. “Thinking about my undergarments now, are you?”

“No more than you’re thinking about mine.”

I nudged him playfully, and he laughed at my reaction. But I looked up, to where Ember and Loch stood at the bar, and I stopped my flirtation.

“I think she loves you,” I said quietly.

“I know,” he said, solemnly. He followed my gaze. “Don’t you think you should do something about that?” “I am.”

I looked at him, but he had quickly stood from the bench, one hand extended toward me.

I glanced over to where Ember and Loch stood, both of them with their attention on us.

“Dance with me.”


“Dance with me,” he repeated.

I felt everyone watching me, as if the whole of Inara

paused, waiting for my reply.

But I couldn’t. Not with Ember standing there.

I had done enough damage between the two of them, and I

wasn’t going to be the cause of a deeper rift.

Even when I wanted to. When I wanted to take his hand

and let him spin me around the floor until we could dance no longer.

So I stood, matching his gaze. “I need to go back.”

He watched me, and I swore there was a flash of disappointment across his face, but he nodded, accepting my answer. I stepped around him and left the Gardens, not daring a single glance behind me until I returned to the palace.

Author Bio:

Jamie Webster is an Adult Fantasy writer who recalls writing stories as early as ten. She first began writing fanfiction, though she typically created an original character to follow. In high school, she began to create her own fantasy worlds and roleplayed on Yahoo Groups and AIM. In her adult years, she has completed four books as well as written for several publications including a blog, Trials and Tribulations, for her local newspaper as well as articles on writing and book reviews for Fantasy-Faction.

Jamie received her B.A. in English with a focus in Creative Writing from UMaine and an MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She does most of her drafting during NaNoWriMo and fancies herself as the hybrid plantser. Her passion is reading, writing, crocheting and playing video games. She currently lives in Maine with her three children, Corgi, Mini Aussie, and a plethora of other animals that she’d rather not admit to.

Author links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

M. Dalto is a bestselling New Adult author of adventurous romantic fantasy stories, having won a Watty award for excellence in digital storytelling for her debut novel, Two Thousand Years, in 2016. She spends her days as a full-time residential real estate paralegal, using her evenings to pursue her literary agenda, and when she’s not writing, she enjoys reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and drinking coffee. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, their daughter, and their corgi named Loki.

Author links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram



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