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Blog Tour & Exclusive Excerpt from Piper Scott:
Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology, Volume 4

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A Paranormal Collection Supporting LGBT Charity

This collection will be available for only 90 days before it’s gone forever.

Once upon a time, a bunch of authors wondered…
Why should Heart2Heart – the phenomenally successful dating app – only work its magic in the human world when lonely lycans, dejected dragons, and jilted jackalopes need love, too?

In this new paranormal universe, mages and shifters, vampires, psychics, and even humans, will reach out to Heart2Heart podcast host Gene E. Del’Amp for help finding a magical match… and they just might find that talking about their woes helps their wishes come true.

Eighteen of your favorite gay romance authors have come together to bring you brand-new paranormal and urban fantasy stories inspired by reader suggestions!

Once again, all proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its forms will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

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All Proceeds Go To Charity:

Universal Link



What is Heart2Heart?

H2H is a passion project that began as nothing more than a “what if” said among friends. Since then, across three volumes and with the involvement of twenty-six incredible authors of gay romance, the Heart2Heart anthologies have raised over $80k for LGBTQ charities around the world.

Because Heart2Heart is a charity project, all of the work involved in creating and promoting each volume is donated. From the author’s creative work, to the editing and formatting, to cover design and promotion, all donation efforts by the Heart2Heart team contribute to the project’s ability to donate as much as possible to the chosen charities for each volume.

Heart2Heart is a unique anthology project in the way each story is brand new content that’s inspired by reader suggestions and fits within an overall theme. H2H volume 4 is no exception. In December 2019 we received more than 350 suggestions from readers that our authors then used to inspire their characters and the wishes that would come true thanks to the Heart2Heart podcast.

To shake things up with this new collection, the decision was made to bring together some of the best and brightest authors of paranormal and urban fantasy gay romance for an alternate reality experience. Working within the classic elements of shifters, vampires, mages, and more, we’re excited to present sixteen brand new stories with all of the humor, feels, and spice you would expect from Heart2Heart.


A Special Excerpt from Piper Scott’s Heart2Heart Story “A Caller From Chicago“:


A brief description of your storyWhen demonic entity codename: Jackson is sent to protect a sweet, pure human soul named Dylan it’s love at first sight. The problem? There’s a supernatural force who’d love nothing more than to chow down on a little soul food… and Dylan just happens to be its favorite flavor.



It was now or never. There were t-minus ten seconds before the evil scumbag would cross paths with the pure, sweet vision of innocence Jackson had lowkey been perving on since he’d been deployed two weeks back, and while the damned things were stupid enough not to bother with blending in, they never, ever forgot to murder. If it got within striking range, shorty would bite the dust.


Jackson!” Gore screeched. “Tell us!”


Jackson’s dream boy stopped walking and took his glasses off, holding them up to the sun while he squinted, which was cute as hell. Could he be any more adorable? The answer was yes, because at that moment a breeze arrived on West Grand and swept through his messy hair so artfully, he might as well have been starring in a perfume commercial. But at the same time that it gaveth, the breeze tooketh away. It gusted down his sleeves and between the buttons of his too-big dress shirt and made it billow until it looked somewhat like an oversized marshmallow, which ruined the illusion of him being perfume royalty, but was charming as fuck. Jackson would fight anyone who said otherwise.

Oh, right. Countdown.


Jackson!” screeched Gore. Again.


The most beautiful boy in the world—AKA: Cutie—looked in Jackson’s direction and smiled the biggest smile, like he knew Jackson was about to save his very fine ass. Adorable.

Or maybe not, because to him, Jackson was invisible, but Jackson didn’t need that kind of negativity in his life, thanks.


No fewer than five lime-green tentacles slithered their way out of the speaker holes of Jackson’s dangling comm device and molested his face.

They were slimy. Ugh.

Speaking of five…


Jackson yelped and attempted to yank the comm device and its disgusting tentacles from his face so he could throw it far, far away. Unfortunately, the tentacles had hundreds of little suckers that anchored the device in place and allowed the hermit-crab-meets-Cthulhu monstrosity to yank back. Not expecting resistance, Jackson punched himself in the face. “Goddammit, Gore!”


Saggy Skinfolds spotted the poor little lamb of a boy it wanted to slaughter and dragged itself down the street, thirsty for murder. Jackson, who was often also thirsty for murder, sympathized, but there was no way he was going to let it harm a single hair on his sweet potato’s head.

At least, Jackson was pretty sure that was what had happened, but he couldn’t tell for sure. He was a little distracted by the three tentacles trying to pick his nose.


Because nose picking wasn’t distracting enough, the sticky slime oozing from the tentacles started to pool underneath his chin. It was not pleasant. Thank god he’d be able to get up and moving soon—after this monster kicked the bucket, the next one likely wouldn’t appear for twelve to twenty-four hours. It’d give him enough time to get clean.

Jackson made a note to murder Gore extra hard the next time they crossed paths.


Wait, was that supposed to be two?


Well, it didn’t matter, because it was bazooka time.


What are your thoughts on being part of Heart2Heart volume 4?
I’ve had such a blast being part of the H2H4 crew, and an amazing time spending time in a paranormal universe. Projects like these always refresh my creativity, and I’m more eager than ever for what’s to come next!

Where can readers find you online:
The easiest way to connect with me is through my reader group, The Playground: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PiperScott


More information on the Charities chosen for Volume 4:

As with previous editions of the anthology, we’re honored to be donating our net profits to three deserving charities.

🌈 – Camp fYrefly (multiple locations, summer camp)

“Camp fYrefly is a summer camp and leadership retreat designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, and questioning youth, (LGBTQ2S+) and planned in part by a committee of the same youth it seeks to serve. Founded in 2004 by Dr. André P. Grace and Dr. Kristopher Wells, Camp fYrefly is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and personal resiliency necessary for them to become agents for positive change in their schools, families, and communities.”

🌈 – Project 10 (youth services and advocacy, Quebec)

“Project 10 works to promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults 14-25.

Through advocacy and education, using a harm reduction approach, Project 10 aims to facilitate the empowerment of youth at individual, community, and institutional levels with a particular emphasis on supporting individuals and groups who experience multiple and intersecting oppressions.

Services are free of charge, confidential and anonymous, and are offered in English and French.”

🌈 – QMUNITY (local services, BC)

“A non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. We provide a safer space for LGBTQ/2S people and their allies to fully self-express while feeling welcome and included. Our building serves as a catalyst for community initiatives and collective strength.”

These are all great Charities and we need to take care of our youth and the next generation. Love is Love. Be safe and kind. No one should have to suffer for who they are or who they love!!

Authors and their stories:

Jeff Adams & Will Knauss – A Caller from Grand Rapids (intro/outro story)

Charlie Cochet – A Caller from Windermere

Hailey Turner – A Caller from San Francisco

J.D. Light – A Caller from Springfield

Jenn Burke – A Caller from Ottawa

Kiki Burrelli – A Caller from Portland

Lisa Oliver – A Caller from New Orleans

Macy Blake – A Caller from Knoxville

Maz Maddox – A Caller from New York

Morgan Brice – A Caller from Pittsburgh

Pandora Pine – A Caller from Boston

Piper Scott – A Caller from Chicago

Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes – A Caller from Seattle

Silvia Violet – A Caller from Savannah

SJ Himes – A Caller from Montreal

Susi Hawke – A Caller from Austin




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