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The Midnight Gardener by R.G. Thomas

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The Town of Superstition, Book 1

Thaddeus Cane and his father have moved thirty-two times in all of Thaddeus’ fifteen years. Every time his father uproots them without a reason, it leaves Thaddeus friendless once again. Superstition is the town they’ve settled in this time, and despite its name, it seems like every other little town, except for one thing.

From the window of his bedroom, Thaddeus can look into their neighbor’s back yard. And every night, after dark, he sees a guy his own age putter around in the immaculately maintained garden. When Thaddeus visits his neighbor the crush already blooming underneath surfaces, and Teofil, the midnight gardener, reveals he’s actually a garden gnome. When Thaddeus’ father finds out, more secrets are exposed, and Thaddeus embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

The light fled the woods faster than Thaddeus anticipated, and before long it was full-on dark. All he had to navigate by was the occasional slice of moonlight. His phone was an old time flip model with no signal this deep in the woods and no flash to double as a light. Another fallout of his father’s low income.

Thaddeus paused to lean against a tree and catch his breath, staring into the darkness around him with wide eyes and the taste of copper in the back of his throat. Something was different now, but he couldn’t determine what. He stood very still, the tree bark rough beneath his fingers and grounding him in place as he slowly turned his head, trying to see into the woods around him. It was so dark and so quiet, he could practically hear his own spinning thoughts.

The realization hit like a lightning strike. Every other living thing had fallen silent. And he’d seen enough horror movies to know what that meant. When the crickets and frogs stopped making noise, something bigger and badder was nearby. Something evil.

A twig snapped.

Thaddeus’ heart pounded. He knew whatever was nearby could most likely hear it. It could probably smell the fear gushing off him like a fire hose, too. He decided it would be best to keep moving. Standing still would be like offering himself up as a meal.

He pushed off from the tree and set out once again, his stride lengthening as he continued along the path. To his left, he heard the crinkle and crackle of something big stepping through the fallen leaves deeper within the trees, and a jolt of fear burned through him. Whatever the thing was, it seemed to be keeping pace with him on a parallel course through the woods. His fear ratcheted up a few notches, and he locked his gaze on the path before him, scared to look around for fear of actually seeing what followed him.

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RG Thomas

About the Author:

R. G. Thomas has been reading books from an early age. As a young gay man, however, he found very few characters with whom he could truly identify. Now that he’s an adult—or at least older than he used to be—he likes to write stories that revolve around gay characters. The Town of Superstition is his YA fantasy gay romance series which includes wizards, witches, and other magical creatures.

When he’s not writing, R. G. Thomas loves to read, go to movies, watch some TV, and putter around in the small suburban patch of ground he calls a yard. He visits his mother once a week, not just for the free cookies, and enjoys spending time with close friends drinking wine and making up ridiculous things that sometimes show up in his books. Although he hates the process of travel, he does enjoy experiencing new places. His dream trip is to one day visit the country of Greece, and he is currently saving his nickels and dimes to make that a reality.

Twenty years ago he met a man who understood and encouraged his strange, creative mind, who made him laugh more often and more freely than anyone else. They were officially married in November of 2015 and today they still laugh often as they live in a suburb just north of Detroit with their two cats who act as both muse and distraction to him while he writes.

Connect with R.G.:
Website – https://www.townofsuperstition.com/
Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/authorrgthomas/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/authorrgthomas
Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1505190.R_G_Thomas
Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/R-G-Thomas/e/B01E0R5I1E/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1


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