How to Catch a Prince
By Ana Ashley
Narrated by Nick Hudson



When you’re faking a relationship, the last thing you should do is fall in love…especially with a prince.

Charlie is back in his hometown of Chester Falls for his sister’s wedding. What he needs is a date to keep him away from the wandering hands of his ex.

Prince Kristof of Lydovia, or simply Kris, needs an escape from the latest press scandal. Hiding away in an American small town doesn’t mean he can’t pretend to not be royal, or be someone’s boyfriend. Especially when that someone keeps falling all over him, literally.

Intense chemistry
A family wedding
Too many secrets

When their fake relationship starts to feel very real, and the press closes in, how will Kris and Charlie handle the fallout? And when the truth comes out will Charlie catch his prince, or will he let him go?

Welcome to Chester Falls, where you can expect to meet sweet men, sexy situations, interfering friends, lots of feels, and a happy ever after.

Book One in the Chester Falls series. How To Catch a Prince is a sweet and steamy MM romance novel with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 stars
🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 3.75
🎧🎧🎧🎧 Narration: 4.5

Sweet & sexy story. Great performance!

Aw, a modern-day Prince charming tale with heat, chemistry and great characters! I loved Charlie and Kris and wanted more! Their chemistry was magnetic and organic and I loved Ana’s approach to the “fake-boyfriend” trope.

So much was teased in this one and while I’m excited about Tom’s story I’m so interested in learning more about Sergei, Rory, Connor, and James! So much intrigue.

Lastly, Nick did an amazing job! I haven’t heard Nick before and I loved his characterizations, inflections and mild accents. A great listen! Can’t wait for more from this new team 😉❤

Thanks for reading! For great stories, reviews and more please visit 📚!

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From Charlie’s POV

I looked for my suitcase and noticed it was still in the hallway and the apartment door was open. God, I really needed a good night’s sleep.

Everything happened too quickly. One moment I was reaching out for the suitcase, the next, something pulled my arm and I found myself being dragged down.

I closed my eyes, bracing myself for impact. I let out a curse when my forearm dragged against something sharp, and then opened my eyes when the landing was softer than I expected.

Dark brown eyes, so dark they were almost black, stared back at me. Warmth and a sense of rightness flooded my chest as I took in the face of the stranger, his defined jaw, perfect nose, five o’clock shadow, and those eyes.

I scrambled up, trying to get away from the man, but ended up kneeing him in the groin. The guy let out a harsh groan and folded in on himself on the floor.

“Oh shit, crap, oh god. I’m so sorry.” For the love of God, Charlie. I was horrified. The guy squirmed on the floor for a few minutes, taking deep breaths, before he was able to get up.

“Do you go around kicking everybody in the balls?” He coughed.

“No, only guys who tackle me to the floor,” I answered without missing a beat.

The guy laughed. “You could have bought me dinner first.”

My tummy rumbled at the mention of dinner, and the guy laughed again.

“You keep laughing at me, I’ll show you my other karate kicks,” I teased.

“Sounds like you need dinner.”

“Sounds like you’re offering to buy.”

About Ana:

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Storyteller at Heart


Ana writes gay romance. After getting hooked on reading gay romance, Ana decided to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

She publishes contemporary sweet and steamy romance under the pen name Ana Ashley and contemporary sweet and steamy romance with a European twist under the pen name Ana Newfolk.

Ana was born in Portugal but has lived in the United Kingdom for so long, even her friends sometimes doubt if she really is Portuguese.

These days you can find her in front of her laptop bringing her stories to life, or in the kitchen perfecting her recipe for the famous Portuguese custard tarts.

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