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Cinderella Proposal by Harley Grace

Cinderella Proposal Ebook

The Boys of Bliss, Book 2

David wasn’t expecting his ex to be at his friend’s wedding—especially not as the groom.

Six months ago, David’s relationship disintegrated, but when a colleague invites him to his wedding at the newest gay-friendly island resort right off the coast of Florida, he sees his chance to put himself back out there. It turns out groom number two is none other than his ex-boyfriend. He needs cover, stat, and in saunters the hottest little room cleaner he ever did see.

While David needs a fake boyfriend, Fin needs a bailout.

After getting kicked out of his house as a teenager, Finley Sweet is finally back on his feet. He’s got a good job at Bliss Resort, but when a self-made millionaire offers him a mountain of cash to be his fake boyfriend for a week, Fin leaps at the chance to change everything and get his inheritance back from his evil stepfather.

What starts as a business transaction becomes so much more, but there’s a time limit to their love, and the contract runs out when David goes back to the mainland. Only it’s more than a contract holding them together, and everything they want is right there if they can read between the lines.

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Special Exclusive for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of plates, I pushed my cart in. There was space to collect room-service trays on a shelf between the bottles of cleaner and the top of the cart, but this looked like it might take more than one trip. I stepped around the cart and knocked leftovers from one tray to another to consolidate them.

Then I heard the shower stop.

Fuck. I’d been so overwhelmed by the sight of the room that it hadn’t occurred to me that the water was on until the spigot turned off.

The cart was between me and the door. Short of crashing through the door pushing the cart in front of me, risking running over our solo party-goer, there was no sneaking out now. And if the guy complained to Mr. Blissand, he’d—he’d take care of it. I’d made a mistake. Not the end of the world. I was allowed to make mistakes.

Or that’s what he said, anyway.

My blood was pounding, my lungs not taking in enough air, when the bathroom door opened. Out stepped the biggest man I’d ever seen, with enormous, broad shoulders, round with muscle. His arms were thick and strong. His pecs hard and the muscles of his torso cut down his chest and abs and disappeared under a towel slung around his hips.

I bit the inside of my cheek. He was gorgeous.

And he ran a hand through his wet black hair and sighed, reaching for the robe hanging on a hook by the door.

He hadn’t realized I was there. I hadn’t moved, frozen in the middle of his living area.

His hand fell to the towel. Shit, shit, shit.


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Check out Book 1: Honeymoon Refrain

Honeymoon Refrain Ebook

The Boys of Bliss, Book 1

When his fiancé leaves him at the altar, Andrew Wellman runs straight to Bliss.

After spending the last year of his life busting his butt on the new resort off the south coast of Florida, all Andrew has to do is stick the landing—a gorgeous wedding and a honeymoon to blow the socks—and everything else—off his groom-to-be. But when he finds his fiancé buried deep not in wedding preparations but in his best friend, Andrew calls the whole thing off and cashes in that plane ticket for a solo honeymoon.

Rock star Cord Fabien’s whole life blew apart when his band broke up.

Now, he owes his label a solo album, but all he wants to do at the new gay resort run by the mysterious billionaire Adrien Bliss and is hide from the paparazzi and lick his wounds. But when one sad interior designer catches his eye, Cord finds the inspiration to make beautiful music again.

Two men, completely adrift, find in each other the strength to pursue their passions. But Bliss can’t last forever, and the lives they’ve left behind are waiting to shatter a romance that bloomed in paradise.

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logo1About the Authors:

Harley Grace is an author duo in love with love. Writing M/M romance, they’re all about giving sugar, spice, and everything nice to their boys. They enjoy long walks on the beach, reading by the fireplace, and always looking at the lighter side of life.

Connect with Harley:
Website: harleygrace-author.com
Mailing List: https://sendfox.com/lp/3o6lgd
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/harleygraceauthor
Goodreads Profile: https://www.goodreads.com/harleygraceauthor


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