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The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall
By Joshua Ian

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Darkly Enchanted Romance, Book 2

England, 1910.

Landscape designer Jonas Laurence arrives at the cheerless and fog enswathed Hillcomb Hall, home to the Earl of Stanley and his family, to renovate their crumbling gardens. With a great storm crashing all around, his time is at the mercy of the house’s odd and mysterious occupants. Captivated by the hauntingly attractive portrait of Lord Stanley’s ancestor, which constantly seems to watch and taunt him, Jonas’s dreams become weird and distressing. And his waking moments are consumed by the strange stories and weird atmosphere of the manor estate. Ghostly visits in the night leave Jonas no choice but to accept his attraction to the otherworldly spirit from the painting. But is this affaire de coeur real? Or is it all just a trick of the mind, a sinister game being played by the inhabitants of Hillcomb Hall?

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Special Exclsuive Excerpt:

“Sir,” the man said with a nod. “I’m Cecil come to help you dress for dinner.”

“Ah, yes, Cecil, thank you.”

Cecil came forward and, stopping at the fireplace, stood staring at Jonas. Once again Jonas felt as if he were being appraised, and it unnerved him quite a bit. It was quite one thing for his hosts to take stock of a visitor in their home. But for his valet to so plainly study him without demure was unusually bold. Cecil was a bold and beautiful man, Jonas thought, perhaps dangerously so.

“Sarah mentioned you would be valeting me,” Jonas supplied as the young man offered nothing but stares.

“Oh, Sarah,” Cecil said with a smirk. “I hope she didn’t go on too much. She likes to chatter, our Sarah.”

“She was a pleasant young woman.”

“So no talk of ghosts then?”

“As a matter of fact, there was. She claimed that my room was haunted. It seemed to make her quite nervous.”

Cecil chuckled. “She is a bit easy on believing, is Sarah. It may be her downfall one day, I wouldn’t wager. But it’s mostly just your garden variety superstitions and that.”

“So you are not convinced that I shall run into any ghosts then?” asked Jonas.

“I don’t believe in ghosts, sir. And even if there was the ghost they suggest what haunts this room, I think you yourself would be quite safe from any harm at his hands.”

Jonas raised his brows.

“Would I? Why is that exactly?”

“Well, sir. From the stories they tell, this ghost seems to have a particular fondness for a certain type of gentleman. And I believe he would be quite fond of you, sir.”

The tone of the valet’s voice answer made Jonas’s cheeks flush and he quickly turned towards where his trunk had been deposited.

“Well, I suppose I should dress,” said Jonas in his best aristocratic tones. “We wouldn’t want to keep the ladies of the house waiting.”

“At your service, sir.”

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To celebrate the release of The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall, Joshua is giving away 2 prizes, 1 for a local winner and 1 for an international winner!

  • US winner – a paperback copy of Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost stories & an e-copy of The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall
  • International Winner – an e-copy bundle of the Darkly Enchanted Romance stories including The Harvest Moon & The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall

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About the Author:

Joshua Ian can easily be captured by a witty turn of phrase or a low-bottomed electronic bassline. If you manage to combine the two, then you have his heart forever. He lives in New York City and writes mostly historical, speculative, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction but he does love a good mystery. He watches too many movies, eats too much dark chocolate, and falls into way too many Wikipedia rabbit holes- but it’s all in the name of research (or so he tells himself). One day he plans to travel the world – to see what each country has to offer in the way of movie theatres and dark chocolate, naturally.

Connect with Joshua:
Instagram: @moodyboxfan


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