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Tahoe Blue by Eden French

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A paramedic must face old wounds when his Hollywood heartthrob ex returns home and tries to win back his affections. Will he find closure or will he give first love a second chance?

Coming back to Tahoe was a mistake. At least, that’s what Carson Keaton thinks the minute he returns to his hometown. When he ran away seven years ago, he left everything behind, including Brand West, the only person he ever loved. Not that he had a choice. But now that the danger has passed, he returns home to reclaim Brand. The biggest question is, is it too late?

Brand West is a paramedic with a broken heart. Just after high school graduation, the love of his life hopped a Greyhound to Hollywood, leaving without explanation. Now, seven years later, Brand is determined to forget about Carson by throwing himself into his career, his community, and—thanks to his best friend playing matchmaker—a hot new lover. But now Carson’s back in town, as irresistible as ever, leaving Brand with two choices: find closure and move on, or give first love a second chance.

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“Brand, wait! Can we talk?”

Brand shot James a look and nodded toward the rig as Carson raced out of the house after them. James got in, started up the vehicle, and turned on the music. It was loud enough to hear through the vehicle’s closed doors and windows. With a minute of privacy, Brand turned to face Carson.

“No, we can’t. I’m working.”

Carson’s eyes pleaded with him. “Please, Brand. I… I want to explain why things ended like they did. I—”

“Now? Now you want to explain?” Brand laughed, shaking his head. “Unbelievable. You’re really something, you know that? You take off seven years ago, I hear nothing from you. Nothing. And now, suddenly you’re back, for who knows what reason, and I’m supposed to drop everything and listen?”

“Brand, please. I know what I did was wrong, but I had reasons. I would’ve never left if I—”

“I loved you!” Brand hissed under his breath.

He looked around at the neighboring cabins. From his last point of reference, Carson still hadn’t come out. He wasn’t sure what his feelings were about it now, but if the tabloids were right, he was living a very different life with many different starlets. Even now, no matter how pissed he was at Carson, he wouldn’t be the one to out him to the public. He swallowed hard and lowered his voice. “And I thought you loved me.” He laughed; the sour sound was foreign to his ears. “But I guess I was just your warm-up, wasn’t I? Practice for future casting calls.”

Carson’s face paled.

Good, I hope it hurts just as much as he hurt me.

The thought burrowed in his brain. What was happening to him? Cold words weren’t who he was. This wasn’t him. He swallowed hard.

“Brand, wait, it wasn’t like that, I didn’t have a choice. I—”

“There’s always a choice, Car. You made it crystal clear what yours was.”

“Please, Brand. Just let me ex—”

“Don’t.” Brand scanned the treetops and inhaled deeply. The shock of seeing Carson had faded, and his adrenaline began to slip away. “Look, we’re not kids anymore. I don’t know why you’re here, and it’s really not my concern. Trust me, I just want to live the life I built after you left.” He rolled his lips. “I don’t need you coming back and resurrecting shit that should just be left alone. Just keep to your business, and I’ll keep to mine, okay? I’ve moved on.”

Brand stepped toward the ambulance and made a move to open the door.

“If we can just meet up later and talk?”

James knocked on the window and motioned for Brand to wrap it up.

“I’ve got to get back to work.”

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Eden French

About the Author:

Eden French is an American author of erotic queer romance with swoon-worthy heroes and happy ever afters. In addition to writing books that’ll set your blood on fire, she also writes romance stories for an interactive gaming app.

A hot yoga junkie, she often gets some of her best ideas while in a difficult pose. She’s a relentless daydreamer, chocoholic, and Scotch whiskey aficionado who likes life a bit kinky, and spends as much time as possible playing with the sexy characters in her head.

A born and raised California girl, she graduated from San Francisco State University with an English lit degree, and has a borderline obsession for Mexican food. Eden currently resides in the quirky Pacific Northwest with her amazing spouse and five… yes, five fur-babies.

Connect with Eden:


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