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Ex-Daredevil by Zoe Lee

Ex-Daredevil Cover

Local Beats, Book 2

Eliott was looking for a steady companion to share his simple life when a cute guy literally fell out of the sky and into his world. Gavin wasn’t the kind of man he was normally attracted to, but Eliott couldn’t resist the challenging glint in his eyes.

The last thing Gavin expected was to be interested in the stuffy lawyer whose car he nearly crashed into during a skydiving mishap. Gavin bet Eliott he can get him to love something dangerous, even though he was afraid a man like Eliott would never be able to take him seriously.

Attraction and curiosity pulled them together, while their outlooks on life pushed them apart. When there’s no way to prepare for love, will they surrender to its chaos?

This is an 80,000 word opposites attract romance with a guaranteed HEA. It’s the second book in the Local Beats series and can be read as a standalone, but is more fun if read in order.

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Exclusive Excerpt for Books, Tattoos and Tea:

The scent of coffee lured me from my sleep. I opened one eye finding my bed empty. I blinked a few times trying to figure out what time it was from the angle of the sun. It was pretty high in the sky. I rarely slept this late. I pulled the blanket over my head, considering dozing until Jensen brought me coffee.

Voices roused me from my near slumber.

Voices… My brain was sluggish and attempts at coming up with rational reasons for the voices wasn’t going well. Could Adam be home already? Maybe he and Jensen had been texting.

A woman’s laugh reached my ears and my eyes snapped open.

I threw on clothes and sprinted from my room, skidding to a halt in front of my parents.

“This is not what it looks like,” I stammered, looking between my mother and father happily chatting with Jensen who was pulling something from the oven.

He straightened up and smiled. “Good morning.”

I blinked at him as he set a coffee cake on the counter and pulled off the oven mitts.

“What is this not?” my mother asked.

“I would love to know what this is not as well,” my father added, picking up his coffee and staring me down.

I held up a finger and my mouth hung open.

“Do enlighten us,” Jensen said when I didn’t speak.

“Shut up you.” I pointed at him. “Why are you guys here so early?” I tried to keep my voice even, leaning against the counter but missed the counter and cracked my face on the cabinet. Smooth, real smooth, Aiden.

My mother pursed her lips and my father raised his brows like only a disappointed adult could.

“Would you like some coffee, Aiden, before you hurt yourself even more?” Jensen was way too excited about all of this. “Maybe take a seat?”

I took the cup and sat, even more mad that he knew how to make my perfect cup. I grumbled into the cup.

“Cake?” Jensen asked, cutting into whatever he’d made.

“Yes, darling. This is lovely. Our kids never cook for us,” my mom said.

Aiden lifted his hand palms up.

“I had to learn to cook. Often left to fend for myself.” Jensen handed plates to both my parents before putting one in front of me.

He was entirely too smug.

“Can I ask again why you’re here so early?” I asked.

“How early do you think it is?” my dad shot back. Sarcastic bastard.

“Early,” I said, stabbing my cake.

“We saw they’d cleared the roads last night and wanted to get an early start to the holidays with you and your brother.” My mother took a tiny bite of the cake and exclaimed. “You need to give me the recipe for this. It’s delightful.”

“Of course, Mrs. Adler.” Jensen beamed.

I knew it was stupid but I hated all of them right now.

“Are you going to tell us what this doesn’t look like?” my father asked again, opening the paper.

“I never said that.” I slowly lifted my eyes from the cake to gauge Jensen’s reaction.

He hit the spatula he held into his hand and most anyone wouldn’t have thought twice about such a thing, but I knew what it meant.

“How have you been doing, dear? Are you still living alone? Seeing anyone?” My mom patted Jensen’s arm when he took a seat at the table with a piece of cake for himself.

“I just started seeing someone. It’s new but going well.” He smiled at me across the table.

I glared at him, stabbing my fork into my plate.


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About the Author:

Zoe writes contemporary romances and believed everyone will get extraordinary love stories since before she ever fell in love. She lives with her family near the mountains in Colorado, where she writes while listening to music, never drinks coffee, reads books in one sitting, and watches too many movies and tv shows. She’s been writing since she was a kid, but luckily she knows how grown-ups work now. Mostly.

Connect with Zoe:
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/ZoeLeeBooks
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zoesromanceland
IG: https://www.instagram.com/zoe_lee_books/
BB: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/zoe-lee
website: zoeleenovels.com


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