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More Heat Than The Sun Series
By John Wiltshire

Book 2: Conscious Decisions of the Heart
Out Now

2_book2JW_ Cover

Released January 15th

Ben Rider and Nikolas Mikkelsen learn that danger comes in all shapes and sizes and often in places you least expect it. Nikolas’s dark past calls to him, inexorably dragging him back into its seductive embrace.

While he goes on an errand of mercy to Russia, Ben travels to Denmark to learn Nikolas’s language. Convinced Russia’s vastness will swallow Nikolas, Ben doesn’t see the enemy much closer to home. Thinking he has lost Nikolas, Ben then makes a terrible decision that threatens to destroy everything they have together.

Focused on this very personal horror, bound by a new level of commitment, they have no idea that a greater threat is coming. And when it arrives, it changes everything—even the definition of commitment.

Warning: This story contains the violent death of a minor character and some graphic violence and gay sex.

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Excerpt from Conscious Decisions of the Heart

“Where now? Another hotel?”

Nikolas shook his head. “We move maybe into another place I have.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “It was an investment.”

The investment turned out to be back at the restaurant they’d eaten in the night before, but instead of getting the driver to stop at the hotel, Nikolas directed him to a block of glass apartments next door. Ben stared up at the towering mass of reflected light.

“Ugly. But I guess they’ve got good views.” Nikolas gave him a strange look but nodded.

It took some time for them to get through the extensive security. Mainly because as soon as they entered the lobby and Nikolas went over to speak to reception, Ben recognised one of the suited men loitering by the lift doors. He grinned and went up to him, slapping him on the back.

“Hello, soldier.” The man grinned too and began to pump Ben’s hand.

“My God, Diesel. You working here, too?”

Ben frowned. “You’re working here?”

“Private security. Best gig in town. We’re all ex-Regiment. What’re you doing here, then?”

Ben had one of his rare flashes of insight that it might be better not to tell his old mate he was about to move into one of the apartments with his…He shook himself slightly.

“Yeah. Bodyguard. Guy over there. How long you been out, Squeezy?”

“Year. Stuck it longer than you. You been good since you left?” Ben nodded, not sure how good would exactly be defined. All that was good in his life was currently across the other side of the lobby, and Nikolas had been strangely remote since their meeting with the Russian.

“Cool dog. He yours?”

Ben glanced down at Radulf. Would the hired help have a dog? “The boss’s.” He glanced about. “So, what’s it like here? Good pay?”

The man laughed. “One of the fucking places sold for a hundred and forty million last week—supermodel we’re not allowed to speak to, ’parently. Course, we chat her up every time we fucking see her. She loves it really. So, yeah, pay’s good, perks’re good. Life’s good. What does your guy do?”

Ben was still processing, very slowly, what his friend had just boasted. He was remembering a conversation with Nikolas…You have four point two million pounds? I have a little more than that…He swallowed, wondering, yet again, if he’d committed his life to a complete stranger. He looked at his friend and for the first time in a long time, Ben wished he too could be a simple, private security guard with an uncomplicated life.

“He’s into mergers.”

“Huh. Anyway, I’d better get back to looking fuckingly cool and hard.”

Ben smiled. “Yeah. I’m…on duty, too. See ya.”

“You up for a drink with the boys one night?”

Ben perked up and nodded with a sly look. “Rat-arsed?”

“Rat-arsed.” They briefly touched knuckles, and then Nikolas was there. He appeared to pick up on some vibe from Ben. Knowing Nikolas, he’d probably been aware of the whole exchange, so he didn’t look at Ben as they waited for the elevator and then only nodded to his bag for Ben to pick up and carry. They entered the lift.

Ben glanced over. Nikolas was acting cool and unconcerned. “There’s a swimming pool here. You’ll be able to improve your technique.”


“And food is delivered from that odd place we ate last night.”


“You’re, as you’d say, pissed at me.”

“Not exactly. So…four point two? Do you enjoy making me look stupid?”

“Ah, well.” Nikolas turned to Ben. “I laid you down on the bare floor of our real house and fucked you for free, Ben. That was the real me, remember? This is all illusion. Pleasant, but merely smoke and mirrors.”

Ben turned to him, dropped Radulf’s lead, pushed him up against the wall of the elevator and pressed the emergency stop. It was very quiet. Very deliberately, Ben undid the button on Nikolas’s suit trousers. He lowered the zip. Hard and fast, he turned Nikolas to face the wall, and then, scrabbling, urgent, he entered him. Nikolas’s head came back and collided with Ben’s face. Ben kept his nose pressed into the delicious-smelling hair and flexed his muscles, pumping himself into the welcoming hole. With one hand, he thrust into the front of Nikolas’s clothes and released him, working him.

They came together, a tangle of clothes and flesh and muted exclamations of desire.

Ben tried to make them decent again, but Nikolas stilled his hands. When he released the emergency stop, the elevator exited into their own exclusive lobby, so no rearrangements were necessary. They fell to the beautifully carpeted floor, ripped off the rest of their clothes and did it all again; this time Nikolas topping and working Ben until Ben’s jaw ached for an hour afterward from the tight clench of pain and pleasure. Only when they were totally spent did they bother to rise and explore the apartment.

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Book 3: The Bridge of Silver Wings

3_Book 3JW_ Cover

Releasing January 22nd

Nikolas and Ben discover that bonds aren’t forged with blood or scars, but in the hearts of men strong enough to love.

Siberia in winter isn’t a place for good men. There is nothing Nikolas won’t do to keep Ben alive. Nikolas has exorcised his demons, but when they end up stranded in Russia, the monster inside needs to be let loose. Ben discovers the truth of the adage, ‘be careful what you wish for’!

Home again, Nikolas then faces an enemy he can’t defeat: Ben Rider himself. Discovering a new family, Ben realizes he’s been living too long in the shadows cast by Nikolas’s all-consuming love. For the first time, life apart from Nikolas is possible.

Is Nikolas strong enough to let Ben go?

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Book 4: The Other Country

4_Book 4JW_ Cover

Releasing January 29th

Nikolas is the sanest, straightest, person Ben knows, so can anyone tell him, why is he on a gay therapy course?

Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he’s endured in his life. Then order it from ‘nearly killed me’ to ‘extremely horrific and don’t want to do again’. And what did it say about his forty-five years that being hit by a tsunami would be a considerable way down this list? But nothing, not torture, imprisonment, nor starvation has prepared him for what he now has to endure for Ben Rider’s sake-attendance on a residential, gay therapy course. At least he has a new contender for the top spot on his ‘my awful life’ list.

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Books 5-8 Coming Soon

all 8

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Go back to were is all began with
Book 1: Love Is A Stranger

1_book1JW_ Cover

Released January 8th

Loving a total stranger can be very hard work sometimes.
How do you love someone who exists entirely in the shadows?
How do you love a man who describes himself as dead?
How do you get that ghost to love you back?

Ex-SAS soldier Ben Rider falls in love with his enigmatic married boss Sir Nikolas Mikkelsen, but Nikolas is living a lie. A lie so profound that when the shadows are lifted, Ben realises he’s in love with a very dangerous stranger. Ben has to choose between Nikolas and safety, but sometimes danger comes in a very seductive package.

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About John:

John Wiltshire is the pen name. The author was born in England, but she travelled widely whilst serving in the British Army, living in the States and Canada and Europe. She retired at the rank of Major, and finally settled in New Zealand.

To date the author has written 14 novels.

Connect with John:
Amazon Page | Goodreads


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