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Schooling the Jock
By Eli Easton & Tara Lain

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Nerds Vs Jocks, Book 1

Only an unfair universe makes a guy who’s that gorgeous so damned obnoxious.

Snarky, superbrain Dobbs and snooty football star Jesse stare at each other from their rival frat houses on opposites sides of the street — and opposite sides of everything else.

Alpha Lambda Alpha and Sigma Mu Tau have been sworn enemies for decades. Then one disastrous prank proves to be the last straw, and the college dean blows his cork!

Work together or lose both your houses.

Question – -How can Dobbs win his coveted Quiz Bowl championship with when he’s forced to put a dumb jock on his team?
Answer — Lots of personal schooling.

But when personal becomes very personal, Jesse risks causing his overtaxed family one more huge worry and the running back starts running.

Will Dobbs give up on the shocked jock, or show him that the answer to the big question is, Yes?

SCHOOLING THE JOCK is an enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, campus romance – with one hell of a lightning round.

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Exclusive Steamy Excerpt:

“Are you a virgin?”

Heat leaped to my cheeks, and I started to give a wounded alpha male answer, but it made sense he’d ask. Hell, how would he know since I was so far in the closet I had moth balls on my breath. “No.”

He cocked his head like he wanted details. At that point, I was prepared to give him anything as long as he didn’t move away.

“I, uh, know a guy who lives about twenty miles from Mercy Creek who—”

“Wait. Is this the guy with the rainbow decal?”

I smiled. “No. This guy was totally in the closet. Anyhow, he went to my high school but graduated before me. He figured me out, and we, uh, did stuff.”

“Oooh, an older man.” Dobbs rocked on me slightly, and I had to bite back a groan.

“A little older. Actually, he was quarterback on the football team when I first started as running back.”

Dobbs circled his hips in a slow, sweet grind. The friction against my cock and the feel of his stiff dick caused my already-thick blood to pool like warm molasses right where he was pressing. Oh God.

He purred, “Big man on campus, hmm?”

I panted. “Very big actually.”

He leaned in and nibbled on my ear. “And what did he do with that big, uh, reputation?”

Oh God, why was this conversation so hot? “Used it for the good of his running back.”

“And did you run to get more?”

I murmured directly into his ear. “Every. Chance—” Lick. “—I got.”

Dobbs moaned. “And what are you running for now, big man?”

“You and that towel-raising cock of yours.” Hell, I almost came just whispering the words.

“Shit. We need to get naked.” He kissed down my neck, his hips still circling and humping. “But I don’t want to stop long enough to do it.”

I didn’t want him to stop. But the idea of feeling his skin against me, of being able to see, and touch—and taste—that hot cock that was pressed against me, was enough to make me move. I pushed him off so hard he fell onto the bed beside me.

“Do it. Get naked. And hurry,” I said, already pulling on the hem of my shirt.

He flashed me a molten look and started to strip off his clothes.

I sat up, ripped my shirt over my head, and then took a breath. Under my straining jeans was the cock that ate Rhode Island, and I was pretty sure my boxer briefs weren’t going to do anything to disguise it.

I side-eyed Dobbs who, funnily enough, seemed to be stuck at exactly the same place. He stood beside the bed, bare-chested, thumbs slid into the waistband of his jeans that were gaping open over his tighty-whities, but he wasn’t moving. At that moment, he side-eyed me, we both burst out laughing, and dragged our jeans and briefs to the floor, stepped out, and tossed them on the overladen chair.

We turned and faced each other at the same time, cocks so erect they slapped our abdomens.

The laughter died in my throat. Holy shit. I could come just looking at Dobbs. I was riveted on his cock and every second I stared, every beat of my overactive heart, ratcheted up the flame in my balls. His cock was like I remembered from the steam room. Hell, remembered? More like mind melded on my brain—long, thick, and veiny with that big mushroom head. I wanted to sink to my knees and worship it. But I made myself take in all of him—the strength of his long lean thighs, and the perfect rise of muscle in his chest and arms. I wanted him beneath me and all over me, and yet, I didn’t want to stop looking at him just like this.

Dobbs stared at me just as hard, wetting his lips like he saw something he wanted to eat. I sure as hell hoped that was true.

He raised an arm and pointed. “Bed, now.” He tried to sound commanding, but his voice shook with desire. I knew exactly how he felt.

I launched myself onto the rust-colored bedspread. “Come here.”

Dobbs stepped over but hesitated just out of my reach, gazing down at me. “Wow.”

The stare made me antsy and happy and horny as hell. It was nice to be admired by someone I admired back, and how weird was it that I was thinking that way about a guy I used to call king of the Poins. But staring wasn’t enough. “Wow yourself. Get the fuck down here.”

He crawled on the bed like a slinky cat and slithered up next to my body. “We can suck, frot, or fuck. What’s your pleasure?”

Everything. But one thing most of all. On a long exhale, I said, “God, sucking sounds really good. And I’m tested and clean, by the way.” Even the idea of it had me ready to explode.

“Sounds good to me too. I’ve been so busy with Quiz Bowl, I haven’t had time for hookups.”

I was dubious. Who wouldn’t want Dobbs? “Seriously?”

He whispered, “Would it sound better if I said I abstained because I was hoping for you?”

The pure sex in his voice made me shiver. “Way better. Say it again, and I might even believe it.”

One corner of his mouth turned up in a hint of a smile. “If it’s not true, it’s only because I’m not that much of an optimist, Jesse Knox.”

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About the Authors:


About Eli:

Coming from a background in computer game design, Eli has written over 35 books in m/m romance since 2013. The Mating of Michael (2014) and A Second Harvest (2016) both won The William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance, and Eli’s books have won many awards from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Reader’s Choice Awards. She is best known for her Christmas romances, the Howl at the Moon series of rom coms featuring dog shifters, and her Sex in Seattle series, which revolves around a sex clinic in Seattle.

Connect with Eli:
Facebook: Eli Easton
Facebook group:
Twitter: @elieaston

Tara Lain (medium optimized)jpg

About the Author:

Tara Lain believes in happy ever afters – and magic. Same thing. In fact, she says, she doesn’t believe, she knows. Tara shares this passion in her stories that star her unique, charismatic heroes and adventurous heroines. Quarterbacks and cops, werewolves and witches, blue collar or billionaires, Tara’s characters, readers say, love deeply, resolve seemingly insurmountable differences, and ultimately live their lives authentically. After many years living in southern California, Tara, her soulmate honey and her soulmate dog decided they wanted less cars and more trees, prompting a move to Ashland, Oregon where Tara’s creating new stories and loving living in a small town with big culture. Tara loves animals of all kinds (even snakes), diversity, open minds, coconut crunch ice cream from Zoeys, and her readers.

She has around 57 books published or scheduled for publication.

Connect with Tara:
Facebook Reader’s Group:


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