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Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway: Getaway By Casey Cox

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Escape, Book 1

Ever woken up and realized you’re in love with your childhood best friend? I’ve got three big problems. One, I’m in love with my childhood best friend.
Two, he hates any kind of change with a capital H.
Three, he thinks I’m straight. To be honest, up until recently, I thought I was straight, too. But something’s shifting in me. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can feel it. We tell each other everything, so I want to tell Cassius this. I figure a tropical weekend getaway is the perfect time to do it. I mean, what could possibly happen that would change our lives forever? GETAWAY is a best friends-to-lovers, gay-for-you contemporary/new adult MM romance. It features two childhood best friends, newly invented dance moves, dubious dietary claims, and some creatively named cocktails. You can expect more than a few gasps, giggles, and OMG moments on the way to a satisfying happily ever after that will make you feel like you’ve just returned from the best vacation ever.
(Suntan lotion and beach towels sold separately.) GETAWAY is the first book in the super sweet, light and fluffy ESCAPE series. There are no cliffhangers (ew) and no cheating, either (double ew). You can read the books in whatever order your heart desires!

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Cover Reveal Excerpt:

Clink. The sides of our glasses touched. Cassius’ eyes sparkled like glitter. “And they just keep bringing the alcohol out? For the whole flight? For free?” His voice kept getting higher with each question, like he couldn’t believe his good fortune. I took a sip of the complimentary bubbly before answering with a nod. “Wow.” Cassius drained three quarters of his glass in one go. It was his first time flying anything other than coach. I’d used my points and upgraded our tickets to business class. I liked doing nice things for Cassius. Seeing his reaction made it so worth it. I leaned in toward him. “Just take it easy. Alcohol affects you differently in the air.” “I’ll be fine. I can handle it.” He waved his hand at me before finishing off the rest of the drink. “Another drink, sir?” The attendant’s timing was perfect. Cassius leaned across me, holding his empty glass out. The scent of his shower gel wafted into my nostrils. “Why, thank you.” With his glass topped up, I couldn’t help but let out a quiet chuckle. “I’m serious, Cass. Take it easy with those.” A few moments later, as the wheels lifted off the tarmac, I felt Cassius’ head land on my shoulder. I looked across and saw his half-drunk glass perched perilously close to the edge of his fold-out tray. As I reached over and grabbed his drink, I heard Cassius breathing heavily. A breath later, it had shifted into purring. Finally, Cassius’ sleepy noises settled on a light humming sound, stopping (thankfully) before descending into snoring territory. Yep, that was Cassius—the lightweight I knew and loved. I held on to both of our drinks until the attendant collected them from me once we’d reached flying altitude. By that point, Cassius was snoring. But it was quiet and sounded almost…nice? I shuffled in my seat, lowering my shoulder so that he would be more comfortable. It was a four-hour flight, and I didn’t want him getting off the plane with a sore neck. That would not be an ideal start to our getaway. I moved as slowly and carefully as I could to not disturb him and fished my phone out of my pants. Tapping away with one hand, I was able to bring up the spreadsheet of our itinerary that I had created. I was quietly confident that I had come up with the perfect combination of low-key, relaxing activities—such as hanging out by the pool, going for walks on the beach—with some more high energy experiences like hiking and a snorkeling boat trip. I’d also—conveniently—peppered the weekend with multiple opportunities for “us” time, so that I could have the conversation I wanted to have with him about my sexuality. And yes, I realized the inherent contradiction in planning spontaneity, but that was just me. I had to do it. Telling him was already nerve-wracking enough as it was, I didn’t want to add stressing about finding the right time to do it as well. I peered down without moving my head and could see Cassius’ chest heaving with every breath he took. His warm body felt heavy against mine, and I liked it. I let out a breath through my nose. God, how I hoped I wouldn’t fuck everything up.

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About the Author

Casey Cox is devoted to delighting readers with sassy, sweet and sometimes steamy MM gay romance tales of gorgeous, good-hearted and complex men chasing that thing we all love: a guaranteed HEA.

Casey’s writing has an escapist, wanderlust quality to it because, let’s face it, these days there are plenty of reasons to run from reality.

Casey lives on the east coast of Australia, loves the beach and is a proud paw-parent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs named Ralphie and Lilly.

Connect with Casey: Website: Goodreads BookBub Facebook: Email:


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