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Extracurricular Activities, Book 3

Two roommates. One camera. A whole lot of action. 

I get crushes the way some people get seasonal allergies.

And sharing a house with four hot roommates is like being stuck in permanent spring.

Too bad I keep getting friend-zoned.

But it’s senior year now, and I’m done pining for the impossible.

Time to live it up and go out with a bang.

Or a lot of bangs.

And I’m definitely, definitely not getting attached to anyone.

Especially not my straight, gym-loving, football-player roommate Sam whose impressively large… smile I caught a glimpse of once.

Or several times.

That’s why, when Sam asks me for help with a very special, very NSFW project so he can make a little cash, of course I agree. In the name of friendship.

And if it turns out that Sam’s more than just muscles—that he’s sweet, and smart, and a little bit filthy, and a whole lot less straight than I thought—well, that’s neither here nor there, because this time I’m gonna be smart. This time, I’m friend-zoning myself.

We’ve got a list of deliciously hot scenarios, a camera, and Sam’s huge… smile. What could possibly go wrong?

From the author of Want Me comes the third new adult college romance in the Extracurricular Activities series. Expect low angst, high heat, plenty of laughs, a flustered redhead, a gentle giant of a football player, and enough BDE to power a mid-size city.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Sam: Hey. Jesse: Hey. Our study session had happened five days ago, and I guess it had cleared the air somewhat, because I didn’t feel as awkward around him now. He also hadn’t been around that much either, and sure, maybe I’d wondered a couple of times—or 999—if he’d ended up getting a selfie stick and trying it out. But I hadn’t looked, and I wasn’t going to. Five minutes passed with no follow-up after his first text. What the fuck? Had my signal dropped? I checked and found five juiced-up bars. Jesse: What? Sam: What? I tossed a glance over my shoulder toward his seat. He smiled at me. I shook my head and turned back. He had to be fucking with me. Jesse: You texted me. Sam: Yeah. I said hey. Jesse: And? Sam: That’s it. Jesse: No. That’s never it in texting. That’s the fucking signal that something else is incoming. No one just texts a random “hey.” That’s like waving at someone and just turning around and walking off before they can even respond. Sam: Well I changed my mind. Sam: <smiley face emoji> Sam: <eggplant emoji> Jesse: You’re an idiot, you know that? Sam: Maybe. Know what else I know? Jesse: Are you going to actually tell me or is this “hey” the redux? Sam: I got an A on the test. Jesse: Congrats. Sam: What’d you get? Jesse: C+. You happy? Sam: Yeah. Sam: I mean, no, not happy. That was what I was going to ask at first, but then I looked over and you were scowling so I decided not to. I glanced over my shoulder at him again, and he pulled a face. Jesse: I blame your <eggplant emoji> for distracting me from further studying. Sam: It can be distracting, yeah. Jesse: Not like that. I mean that I went back to my room and couldn’t concentrate because I was mortified. Sam: I told you there was no reason to be. It’s no big deal. Sam: I mean it’s big, haha, but it’s not a deal. I made a new video, curious to know what you think. Jesse: I’m not watching any more of your videos. Sam: Ever? Sam: It’s a shower vid. But the lens got a little foggy. I’m not sure whether I should post it anyway or if I’ll just be opening myself to shade about the quality or getting lazy or something. Goddamn him. Sam: I’m legit curious. You’re a good judge of that stuff. Jesse: What an honor. I wonder if I can put that on my resume. Sam: Probably. I know a guy who put head of landscape design on his resume after mowing his parents’ yards all summer. Jesse: Was it you? A peal of laughter rang out from the back of the lecture hall. Prof. Horton stopped, then resumed after Sam apologized. Sam: No. Fuck. Horton gave me the stink eye. Jesse: I’m not watching my roommate’s jerk vids. Sam: You did before. Jesse: Technical error. We’ve been over this. Sam: Okay, fine. But if you do happen to “accidentally” stumble across it or whatever, and happen to form an opinion on it, you could maybe let me know? You don’t even have to say it to my face. You can leave it in the comments or something. I burst into a laugh, and Prof. Horton stopped pacing to shoot me a withering glare, next. Jesse: That was your fault. Sam: No way. I was being serious. You’re the one who laughed. Jesse: I’m done with these texts. Sam: Cold, dude. As soon as class let out, I bolted up right, slung my laptop under my arm, and hitched my backpack over my shoulder, speed-walking toward the door and falling in step beside Sam when I spotted Reid closing in behind me. “Hey,” I said breathlessly, keeping an eye on Reid as he slowed down before passing me with a frown. “Hey.” Sam grinned. “So…what exactly about that text cracked you up? I was serious. “I know.” I shrugged. God, his crooked grin was the perfect amalgam of cute and sexy. How had I never noted that before? Stop it. Subject change. “You know what would be really hot and a little taboo? Doing a video during class.” “You’re crazy. There’s no way I could make that happen. It’s not logistically possible.” “Not in a lecture class, but maybe in one of the larger classrooms? A lab.” Reid disappeared into another building. Great. I could wrap this up and move on now. “You know, you’ve got an awful lot of thoughts about this.” “Not really. Anyway, something to consider. You and your selfie stick.” “Wanna go get lunch?” Sam thumbed toward the guys walking alongside him, who were engrossed with their phones. “I’m going with—” “Nope. Gotta go. See ya later.” I patted him on the shoulder and peeled off in the other direction abruptly, feeling a little bad for the confusion I glimpsed in his expression as I turned away. But not bad enough to linger trying to converse with him while simultaneously waging a fierce internal war with a burgeoning erection fueled by images of him jacking off under a desk.
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About the Author:

Neve Wilder lives in the southern United States, where the summers are hot and the winters are…sometimes cold.

She reads promiscuously, across multiple genres, but her favorite stories always contain an element of romance. Incidentally, this is also what she likes to write. Slow-burners with delicious tension? Yes. Whiplash-inducing page-turners, also yes. And every flavor in between.

She believes that love conquers all. Except the heat index in July. Nothing can conquer that bastard.

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