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Release Blitz, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Crossing Lines by Jeris Jean

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Hollywood Hopefuls, Book 3

Crossing Lines is a sexy and sweet age-gap, opposites-attract mm romance set in Hollywood.

When Matt is propositioned by Jasper, a hot older guy, he’s more than down. That is until he realizes Jasper has a boyfriend, and Matt would be joining them both. He’s not into it, especially since the boyfriend is a jerk, so he ditches them both. What Matt doesn’t expect is the lingering disappointment that the handsome man who approached him wasn’t single and he didn’t get a chance to know him better.

Jasper is not used to rejection. He didn’t become one of the most successful and highest-paid executives in all of Hollywood by accepting defeat. So when Matt, the sexy young barista, turns him down flat not once but twice, he doesn’t quite know what to do. Jasper finds himself going out of his way to get to know what’s behind Matt’s reluctance when it’s clear there is a mutual attraction between them.

Crossing Lines is an age gap, opposites attract mm romance set in Hollywood. There’s some angst and plenty of heat, but you can count on a HEA. (CW: references to past sexual assault.) This is the third book in the Hollywood Hopefuls series, but it works as a standalone novel.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Before [Matt] could work the button open, Jasper grabbed his wrist to stop him and pulled back enough to look him in the eyes. “You sure you’re good with this?” he asked Matt, searching his face for any signs of panic. Matt nodded, giving him a soft smile. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m good. Just…let me be in charge, okay?” He seemed a little unsure of himself for asking, but Jasper was quick to reassure him. “That’s how I’d prefer it,” he said honestly. “How about you just assume you can lead. Do what you want to do. And you can tell me what you’d like me to do,” he added, a wicked gleam in his eye. Matt looked up at him with those big grey eyes, and the sight of them full of relief and desire made Jasper’s chest tighten. He took a long second to take in all of Matt’s features, partly to double-check that he wasn’t uncomfortable, and partly just to look at him up close. “You’re really beautiful,” Jasper said, not caring if it was showing too much of his hand. Matt didn’t reply other than to crash his mouth into Jasper’s in another heated kiss, this time a little wilder, a little needier. Matt leaned into Jasper, using his weight to ease Jasper’s back onto the sofa. He quickly followed, hovering above him, his mouth now on Jasper’s jaw, nibbling and nuzzling the closely cropped beard there before sliding down to Jasper’s neck, where his tongue flicked over the skin and he began covering Jasper in wet kisses, sucking just hard enough to sting when he reached the juncture of Jasper’s neck and shoulder.
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Check out where it all began…

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Hollywood Hopefuls, Book 1

A sexy MM Romance set in Hollywood, full of sweetness and heat. Book One in the series.

Finn may look like a Romeo + Juliet-era Leo, but he’s out to prove he’s got what it takes to break the teen heartthrob mold. Grayson is a serious actor, with “serious” as the operative word, so he’s not thrilled to find himself hopelessly attracted to his young new co-star.

Starring on a teen soap may have made Finn Everett Hollywood’s latest “it” boy, complete with the 10 million Instagram followers to show for it, but does he have the chops to cut it as the newest cast member on television’s biggest drama, Frost Manor? Finn’s determined to prove himself as more than just as sex symbol and win the respect of his co-star, Grayson Winter.

Grayson is gorgeous, talented, and the celeb Finn has been secretly crushing on for years. Grayson is dedicated to his job. He has big aspirations to be Hollywood’s best leading man, and he’s willing to make personal sacrifices to get there. When his new scene partner is the charismatic and intensely distracting Finn Everett, Grayson is shaken loose from his single-minded ambition.

When Finn and Grayson start running lines, their off-the-charts chemistry has them wondering if big things are in store for more than just their careers.

Running Lines is an MM Romance featuring hot tv stars, Hollywood drama, and a sweet and sexy gay love story.

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About the Author:

Jeris Jean is a life-long Minnesotan with an obsessive love of books. She has a master’s degree in English Literature but didn’t write her first novel until she was in her mid-thirties. Something just “clicked,” and all fell into its rightful place.

Jeris is a lover of cats, coffee, binge-watching tv shows, her bffs, puzzles, knitting, white sunglasses, black nail polish, purple hair, and reading and writing like it’s going out of style, especially mm romance.

She lives with her husband, two sons and their cat, Fluffy Cat Love, in a lovely little suburb of Minneapolis.

Connect with Jeris:


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