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Heart by Timothy Warren

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Tales of the Circle, Book 3

Chef, George Patras, is embracing life again. It’s been two years since David’s death and to honor him he’s opening a restaurant in his name.

Michelangelo Napolitano is a sweet bear of a guy, known in Dupont Circle as the singing mailman. He’s cute, funny, bold, impulsive, and light on his feet—one of which is often in his mouth.

George’s restaurant is on Mikey’s route. They see each other daily, yet date the wrong people. Will they ever see they’re perfect for each other?

There’s more Circle magic in this romantic comedy of blind dates, new love, and a whole lot of HEART.

Heart: Tales of the Circle Book 3, is a romantic comedy set in the gayborhood of Dupont Circle, in Washington, DC. It features characters from prior novels in the series that may enhance your enjoyment, but can easily be read as a standalone.

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Exclusive and Steamy Excerpt:

“Go slowly. Down your chest and stomach first,” Mikey whispered.

George brought the phone down slowly, lingering on his nipple, which he circled with his fingertips, raking the light brown hair there. He moved, following the trail to his slightly rounded belly and inverted button, all the while tracing delicately with his hand as if it were a tour guide for Mikey. When he reached his groin, he showed Mikey that he was protruding from the slit in his boxers, fully engorged, throbbing, and wet. He squeezed himself.

“Goddamn!” Mikey said. “You are hot. And legit Greek… look at that uncut fatty!”

George couldn’t decipher what Mikey was saying, which was probably a good thing. Because if he weren’t already well on the way to orgasm, he might have stopped the interplay. But he had never done anything like this before, and practically with a stranger. It was… It was…

“So hot,” Mikey said.

George couldn’t think straight, and he was past the point of concern.

He aimed the phone back at his face. “What do we do now?” he said.

“We have to take turns coming,” Mikey said. “So we both can see. You want me to go first, George? You want to see me come?”

If Mikey had asked George this question in any other context, he would have probably said no—not because he didn’t find Mikey attractive—he did, even more so now. But he had grown accustomed to the absence of eroticism in his life. Sex had exited with David, and he rarely thought about it anymore—masturbation a means of tension-release only, his hand being the tool to tap the valve and ease the pressure when necessary. Tonight, that was all he had intended to do. But Mikey had barged in and interrupted this routine, re-introduced the stimulus of a partner—albeit remote—forcing him to remember that the act could be heightened by another’s presence.

And George was turned on.

“Yeah,” he said. “Come for me, Mikey.”


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About the Author

Timothy Warren lives in the Atlanta suburbs with his husband and their pets. When he is not writing, he is writing in his head… which often leads to strange looks from his spouse.

He loves writing about things that make him smile–the chemistry between men, in particular. Sex plays a big part in these relations, but love wins out more so with his enjoyment of telling these stories… as in life.

“I like to write about men being men and falling in love with men. And I love a happy ending.”

Connect with Tim:
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3448127.Timothy_Warren
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/timothy-warren
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/timothystavern


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