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Burn That Bridge
By J.R. Gray

Turns out trading a spot on the cheerleading squad for a fresh fade and all-new pronouns was more of a recipe for disaster than happiness. Coming out as trans in rural Alabama, where football rules and cheer is life, might have been the worst way to start my senior year.

There are no safety nets for people like me in places like this.

But sometimes, hope shows itself in the most unexpected places. New friends help us survive —and maybe— thrive. But falling for Sebastian was not part of the plan.

Embracing my identity put my happiness at odds with my safety. I’m terrified. Terrified to be me. Terrified to be happy. Terrified to love him.

Welcome to senior year.

Try to make it out alive.

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars

Wow, just wow. Intense, heartfelt, honest, and poignant, this story is something special!

An intense and emotional story about what I can only imagine is the truthful hardships of being trans in a red state and rural town. The characters in this are so real and genuine.

I loved the malaphors and memes (although I will say they made me feel old as I may not have known what was what, so thanks for that Gray😜) but so witty and funny. The perfect counterbalance to some harsh realities…

Seb stole my heart! Sebastian keeps mentioning his mum’s bleeding heart but I think he has one of the biggest most beautiful hearts of a character I’ve read. He is attentive and honest, endearing and thoughtful, observant, and caring. He is everything you want to believe is possible of people and he shares it all with DJ!

DJ is fierce! My heart broke for his situation and the darkness he felt not being able to be his true self. You can keep things bottled up and his bravery to come out in senior year was so honestly written you could feel every hateful word, every pain, and challenge. DJ is a fictional character but his truth is real for so many and it breaks my heart that parts of this book are a reality for some. We need to make the world a better place!!! #protecttransyouth

The journey these characters take is harrowing but steeped in truth, hardship, and personal growth. These two boys face more than their fair share of vile and in some cases violence. The tensions and anxiety was well addressed and there is no hiding the harsh reality DJ must face as he finally expresses his true self. Sebastian is a constant support for DJ and while many of the adults in this story fail these characters epically there are a few that go above and beyond. I really liked the homeroom teacher and his unwavering support in a sea of staff that are despicable human beings. This side character was a wonderful addition by the author and leaves feelings of hope and that one person really can make a difference. He shared his own truth to help a kid go through more than his share and I enjoyed his unwavering support throughout.

There are many themes in this book and I felt DJ’s anxiety like a physical thing. He has a weight on his shoulders and the threat of violence is a shadow over him. I feel he is a very strong character to face what he does and while there are “usual” high school issues throughout they are more when it comes to DJ.

With all the characters we are introduced to I like the mini redemption arc of a few of the side characters and the ending support culminating in an epic moment of protection will hit you in the feels and is truly something special.

I truly loved this book and these characters have sunk in deep and will stay with me for a long time! This is something special!

Release Blitz Excerpt:

There was a light to this boy I’d never experienced before. His soul was brightness. I envied him. I wanted to comb my fingers through him and feel like he felt if only for an instant.

He drummed on his thigh, lost in his Fall Out Boy, which was such a strange band for him to be into. They were like thirty-five, but he owned it. He’d put all their albums on shuffle. Some stuff I knew, and others were made before I was old enough to care about music, and his dedication showed. He started to belt out every song in a slightly off-key tune that endeared him in my heart.

“How many people see this side of you?”

He looked over at me, his cheeks turning a little pink. “Just Emery, and now you.” He shrugged it off like it wasn’t that big a deal, but in the world I’d fallen from, it was. “My group of friends doesn’t care about cool.”

“Everyone cares in the group I was in.”

“It shows.”

I couldn’t make eye contact. “You mean since none of them will talk to me anymore?”

“Why do they care what you look like? You’re still the same person, right?”

“It’s more than that.”

“Is it?”

I turned back towards him, waiting for an explanation.

“You changed the outside and a name. And you didn’t really change it that much. You decided to go by your initials. If that’s all it takes to scare people off, they are the problem.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“I think it is. You were…” He trailed off.

“I was?” I prompted.

He shook his head. “Just rambling. It should be, and is, that simple.”

“I was lying to them. I deceived every single person for the last year.” This was so much heavier than I wanted the night to be. I didn’t want everything to be colored by my transition. I wanted to be as light as Sebastian felt.

“I think we all have parts of us we aren’t ready to share with the rest of the world. That doesn’t make you a liar.” He rolled to his side to face me.

“This isn’t a little thing.”

“I think you’re making excuses for shitty behavior.”

I couldn’t look at him again, but I could feel his eyes, unwavering. “They don’t know any better.”

“It’s time to learn.” He skimmed his fingers over my forearm, and there were real damn sparks in the wake of his touch.

I put my hand over the place he’d been like I could hold the feeling there, preserve it in some way.

He was my rainbow. A prism projecting color into this dreary existence. The little bit of light shining through the rain, and maybe that was all I needed to go on.

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About the Author:

Gray is a cynical Chicago native, who drinks coffee all day, barely sleeps, and is a little too fashion obsessed. He writes realistic and damaged characters because everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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