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Smoke Signals by B. Harmony

Smoke Signals (1)

A Perspective Series, Book 3


As the new neighbor of the Burning Hills Fire Department, I try to win over the hunky firefighters with my tasty baking skills. Instead, I got the surprise of a lifetime.

I may be obsessed with the happily ever afters between the pages of my favorite books, too bad they never prepared me for what comes after a one-night stand.

Even I’m not dumb enough to fall for someone who calls me “kid”, right?


As Fire Captain of Burning Hills Fire Department, I try to keep my flame from burning too bright.

He was supposed to be a one-night stand, not the new resident of the little blue house on the corner.

He too young, too out, and too risky.

There’s absolutely no way I’m jeopardizing the life I built for myself on some kid.

Smoke Signals is the third and final book in the Perspective Series. A dual POV, age-gap MM romance with out-for-you themes, an avid romance reader, a sexy as sin Fire Captain, and the return of some of your favorite meddlesome characters. Although this series may be read as a standalone, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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“I know damn well you don’t think you’re sneaking in here like that without an explanation.” The sidelight in our hotel room flicks on, and I’m greeted with the sight of a shirtless Ev and his Teddy Bear, aka boyfriend Damon, sitting against the headboard. They’re both staring at me with a stern expression I thought only my parents had perfected.

Giving up the pretense of slipping in silently and unnoticed, I drop my shoes just inside the closed door and walk over to the empty bed.

“Sorry, Daddy.” I roll my eyes and toss my keys and wallet onto the side table.

“And where have you been, young man?” Damon joins in.

“Oh, for the love of Peter Pan, leave me alone. I’m a grown adult. I don’t need to answer to either of you.” I strip off my jeans and shirt, leaving behind my briefs, and crawl under the cool sheets. “The least you could do is say thank you for giving you space and privacy to do things I don’t need to know the details of.”

“Umm…no.” Ev shakes his head. “I can smell the cum on you. Spill.”

Damon quirks his head to the side and sniffs the air. “Is that what that is?”

They’re ridiculous. I know darn well they don’t smell anything. I cleaned up after messing around with Not-Gideon, thank you very much. At the most, they smell the cheap scent of the bar soap from the motel shower.

My phone finally pinged with the all-clear sometime around midnight, but I didn’t leave the bed until closer to two-ish. Who can blame me? Fake name or not, Not-Gideon could throw it down. I’m shocked neither Damon nor Ev commented on my penguin walk across the floor. Three rounds with the hulk of a man—something I’ll definitely be feeling for a few days—left me with a bit of a waddle.

“Holy shit. Do you see that smile?” Ev points out.

“Oh, leave me alone.”

“Nope. I gotta live vicariously through you. I’m all cuffed up these days.”

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Catch up on the Perspective Series:

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The B-Side (1)A Perspective Series, Book 1

Will we have our own love song, or will this just be another broken-hearted ballad?


When I read the roommate wanted ad, I thought my sister was encouraging me to live with an insane person.

Turns out, he isn’t insane, just sexy and one-hundred percent my type. Living with him will be the ultimate test of my self-control.

When the combination of our love of music and my overwhelming need to take care of him meets jealousy, sparks fly.

His heart may be damaged, but nothing is beyond repair.


A sunny personality and punny t-shirts are nothing more than a shield protecting my heart, damaged by those who were meant to love me most.

Risking the tattered shreds on my new—straight—roommate is the last thing I should do.

Developing a friendship is one thing, falling in love is another.

When it turns out my roommate is not as straight as I once thought, I have to decide if this is one playlist I should listen to.

The B-Side is Book 1 in the Perspective series. A dual POV, low-angst, roommates-to-lovers, MM Romance novel. Featuring punny t-shirts for every occasion, killer playlists, meddling family and friends, and a happily-ever-after. Although this may be read as a standalone, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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Paper Airplanes (1)A Perspective Series, Book 2


The silver screen has always been my gold standard of romance.

But sometimes you just need a change of pace.

Surely even I can handle a few months of casual fun without falling head over heels.

I’ll never know unless I push the envelope.


A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A quick job closer to home and then I’m out of here.

I have no intention of letting anyone clip my wings.

With the equivalent of Fort Knox around my heart, not even a sexy bear can tear it down, right?

Paper Airplanes is book 2 in the Perspective Series. A dual POV story featuring two men who most definitely do not understand how to navigate casual relationships, schoolyard forms of communication, meddling friends and family, a golden ball of fluff with a completely legitimate name, and a guaranteed HEA. Although this may be read as a standalone, the series is best enjoyed in order.

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To celebrate the release of Smoke Signals, we are giving away 2 e-sets of Perspective Series So Far (The B-Side, Paper Airplanes, & Smoke Signals)!

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Copy of Round_B. HARMONY (2)

About the Author:

Bree Harmony, or B. Harmony is an MM romance author with a penchant for rock music, headbanging, and writing about boys who kiss boys. Pretty obvious with the last name Harmony, right? With survival instincts fueled by iced coffee and far too many swear words to rival any sailor, B. Harmony somehow manages to produce (mostly sweet) contemporary MM romance, with plenty of steam.

Connect with B. Harmony:
Website: https://www.bharmonyauthor.com
FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/299868784450014
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bharmonyauthor
Instagram: instagram.com/bharmonyauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@authorbharmony
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/B-Harmony/e/B08DG5LXL6?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1595880548&sr=1-1
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20444716.B_Harmony
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/b-harmony
Newsletter: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/r8e8t1
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/9wn9s37g8wn00l2zpediukxwr



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