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Battle for the Top
By Ariella Zoelle

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Whether it’s on or off the tennis court, Knightley is always ready to battle for the top. An explosive confrontation with his nemesis Kingston leads them to take their rivalry to the next level off the court. Can two fierce adversaries turn passion into romance?

Knightley Neilson

Kingston Sabatino throws fuel on my fire like nothing else ever has. Our rivalry is all-consuming since I’m determined to dethrone him and reclaim my rightful place as the number one tennis player in the world. I will beat him, someday.

When I confront Kingston after another devastating loss, the line between my rage and obsession to win begins to blur as I discover there might be another way for me to come out on top. True, I’ve never been attracted to a man before, but the temptation to have him at my mercy matters more to me than his gender. I’m not just willing to make him mine; I want to claim him as mine in every way. Having him give in to me will ultimately be the sweetest victory.

Is it really possible for me to love a man like Kingston while still wanting to be the winner?

Kingston Sabatino

I’ll do anything to win Knightley’s heart. That includes becoming the best tennis player in the entire world and defeating him every time we meet. Next, I’ll issue a challenge I know he’ll never be able to resist, even though he’s straight: take his passionate rage out on me in the hottest way possible. That’s how I discover he kisses to win. And I’m not about to let him stop there.

Can I help him see past our rivalry to understand that we’re perfect for each other in every way? Tennis starts with “Love-all,” so let the game begin.

Battle for the Top is a standalone novella featuring a rivals to lovers, bisexual awakening, sports romance. Full of hot banter and sexy fun, this book ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Chapter 5: Knightley Neilson

After three hours of fierce competition, I was riding high on endorphins and adrenaline from forcing him into a tiebreaker for the first time in my career. Our polo shirts were drenched with sweat from the effort and the heat of the sun, but neither of us would give an inch. For the last point, he served an ace right on the line in the outside corner that I couldn’t return.

Resting my hands on my knees, I gulped in air as I panted from the exertion. It took me a moment to process the whirlwind of emotions my loss stirred up within me. I was pissed I had lost again, because I would defeat him someday.

At the same time, I was elated that I had played the best tennis game of my career. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t an audience or cameras to record for posterity how much closer I had come to defeating him than anyone else ever had.

More than that, it was a relief that he had won against me, fair and square. He hadn’t handed me an easy victory to soothe my wounded ego now that we were secretly dating. I had held my own while forcing him to put in a genuine effort to claim his win over me. Somehow, that felt better than if I had trounced him in the match.

For once in my life, I was happy I lost. We both had given it our absolute best, just like we were duking it out in a Grand Slam tournament. I couldn’t remember when I had last played to have fun and not just to win.

He walked over to me with his trademark cocky smirk, bouncing his racket on his shoulder. “How much do you want to kill me right now?”

Killing him wasn’t anywhere on my list of things I wanted to do to him. I reached out and grabbed his polo shirt, yanking on it to pull his body flush with mine. The floodgates burst open from all the pent-up lust that accumulated during our three hours of dueling. Dropping my racket on the court, I cupped his face in my hands as I crashed my lips against his. There was no finesse as I savagely claimed him, leaving him no choice but to cling to me as he submitted to my aggressive demand.

King understood my desire to win, which was why he knew how badly I needed him to beat me in our match. It made me love him with a ferocity that no one else could have withstood. He was the only person strong enough to endure all of me. Without fail, he instinctively seemed to know when to give in to me or when I ached for him to fight back.

When I stopped kissing him, we both were panting and hard. In true King fashion, he grinned as he teased me. “Ready for a rematch in bed?”

“This time, I’ll definitely win.”

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About the Author:

Ariella Zoelle previously published as A.F. Zoelle. She adores steamy, funny, swoony romances where couples are allowed to just be happy. That means she writes low angst stories full of heat, humor, and heart. Her vast knowledge of weird, wild, and wonderful randomness colors her writing, meaning her characters have some pretty strange and entertaining interests.

There are even rumors that she’s a time management wizard who uses her magic powers to create enough free time to turn her massive horde of plot bunnies into sassy M/M romance novels. Her next feat will be turning herself into a full-time author.

For real time updates on her writing progress, please join her Facebook group for exclusive teasers or follow her on Twitter or Instagram. You can also sign up for her newsletter to gain access to bonus chapters, previews of upcoming books, exclusive visual guides, and more.

Connect with Ariella:
Facebook Group: Ariella Zoelle’s Sunnyside
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @AriellaZoelle
Instagram: @AriellaZoelle
Bookbub: Ariella Zoelle
Goodreads: Ariella Zoelle Avatar Portrait


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