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Center Court by Brooke Edwards

Book 1

Order of Play, Book 1

The world of men’s professional tennis has been ruled by the same six men for more than a decade. There have been a handful of shock upsets and victories snatched by underdogs, but they’re few and far between. Now, the next generation are done being denied and have come knocking.

When the time comes, Soren Norgaard knows that the world expects him to lead the charge and take his place at the top of his sport. He’s focused and lethal on the court, until he isn’t. Sometimes the past, no matter how comfortable and familiar, doesn’t fit anymore and needs to be left behind. Soren’s past doesn’t want to let him go, but his future is coming fast whether he’s ready or not.

Elias Engström has been in love with Soren for as long as he has known him. The race for titles, for glory and their day in the spotlight has always been less all-consuming because he knows that there is an entire life stretching out when he leaves the court for the last time. A life that, for the first time, might include Soren in the way Elias wants him. Everything he wants is within reach, if Elias is willing to fight for it.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Soren cups his palm and fingers around Elias, feeling the twitching and heat through his jeans.

Elias wraps one arm around the back of his neck, pulling them flush together so Soren’s hand flattens against his stomach. His hand joins Soren’s between their bodies, rubbing against Soren’s own arousal.

“You kill me,” Elias breathes out against his ear when they part, his breath hot. He pulls away to yank his shirt over his head, and Soren tries to help but gets distracted by the long stretch of Elias’s neck.

He kisses the hollow of Elias’s throat, tracing the bump of his Adam’s apple with the tip of his nose and then scraping the thin skin over his collarbone with the edge of his teeth.

“Bad?” he murmurs, pulling back far enough to meet Elias’s heavy-lidded gaze with his own.

Elias grabs his hips, dragging him in until their mouths meet. It is a long, breathless clash of tongues and teeth before they settle into a rhythm.

Soren’s heart thunders against his ribs as one of Elias’s hands works at his buttons between their chests, the other teasing and following the waist of his jeans.

“Best,” Elias pants against his mouth, and works his hand from the waist of Soren’s jeans to the button and fly. He pops the button at the same time his teeth close over the swell of Soren’s bottom lip, and he tugs the fly down at the same time the fingertips of his other hand dance across Soren’s chest, just barely brushing a nipple as the halves of his shirt fall open.

He pushes the two halves of Soren’s shirt further apart and off his shoulders until Soren can shrug it off the rest of the way and let it drop to the ground.

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About the Author:

Brooke Edwards is an Australian LGBTQ+ author and dreamer who got her start in fanfiction, and then started listening to the people in her head and writing up the incident reports afterwards. She’s a disaster masquerading as a functional adult, addicted to coffee and hopelessly obsessed with her dog.

Connect with Brooke:
Instagram: @brookeedwardsauthor
Twitter: @brookeedwardsau



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