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The Groovy Alpha
By Susi Hawke

The Groovy Alpha Cover

West Coast Wolves, Book Four

An omega raised as a wealthy human in the lap of luxury… A Harley riding alpha who rules a pack of pot-growing wolves in a commune… what was fate thinking?

Sky Blackwood is an omega wolf who’s only ever lived a fabulous, all-too-human existence in the wilds of… Beverly Hills. A place where your best friend will smile in your face while stabbing you in the back if there’s money or fame involved.

His Gramps told him all about fated mates and the old-school shifters who still live in packs, but those were just stories. Until they aren’t. Sold by his family, Sky’s saved from the auctioneer’s block by Devon—a sexy alpha wolf who looks like surfer Thor, drives an even sexier Harley, and smells like everything Sky never knew he wanted.

If fated mates are real, what if all those other stories about packlife are as well?

Sky feels like he’s on the best adventure ever as he learns to live like a shifter. With Devon’s help, he’s ready to settle into the peaceful commune life. Only problem? Even paradise can be a camouflage for something darker.

Having grown up among people who hid their evil behind friendly smiles and designer clothes, Sky soon realizes Devon needs help if they’re to survive the unseen threat. He’s not worried, he was taught to “handle people” from the cradle, a few hippies with criminal intentions shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

The pack’s problems are easy to fix, but his real issue… not so much. What exactly is expected of an omega and how is he supposed to actually do it? Fortunately, his mate’s brothers know a few omegas who are all too happy to help.

The West Coast Wolves is an mpreg series about five alphas. A small pack of bikers who spent years riding the highways and helping those in need until fate gave them each a pack to lead. This 78k full-length novel is Devon’s story. Prepare yourself for a dual pregnancy, an omega discovering his power, and more giggles than are appropriate during violent scenes. But then again, this is a Susi Hawke book, so what else can you expect?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

When I went back to the bedroom and pulled the drapes to see the view, I found myself standing in front of that gorgeous stained-glass window instead. The design turned out to be of a large Alpha wolf, standing on a hill overlooking this farm.

Devon came up beside me, his hand reverently brushing over the colored glass. “Isn’t this amazing? I have no way of knowing who commissioned it—Lester says it wasn’t recorded. But the artisan was truly talented, yeah?”

I was so excited, I wanted to start babbling about the level of skill to create something like this, but I decided to save nerding out for another time. “It’s fantastic. The welds are so beautifully done, and the colors they used are amazing. I can’t wait to see it with the sun shining through.”

“Let’s leave the drapes open then. You’ll love the effect when you wake up to it.” He tilted his head toward the bed, scrunching his nose. “I’d like to tell you the mattress is more comfortable than it appears, but we both know I’d be lying.”

Forcing myself to glance at the bed, I bit back a sigh and tugged my shirt off. “There’s only one thing to do. Obviously, we need to get naked and have wild monkey sex until we pass out so hard we don’t care about the mattress.”

I didn’t have to tell him twice. He was already stripping before I finished speaking. I took a moment to be sad about not undressing him with my teeth, but then I realized he was naked and rushed to join him.

Laughing, he grabbed me the moment I jumped at him, and we ended up in a tangle of limbs, kissing as we stumbled toward the bed… and rolled straight into the middle. I had to break the kiss to avoid choking before I died from laughing. I solved it by straddling his hips, rubbing our dicks together as I leaned down for another tooth-clashing kiss.

As the passion rose between us, our laughter quickly turned to moans. My ass leaked the now-familiar slick, its fragrance washing over us.

Devon’s hands migrated to my butt, his fingertip already moving to tease my hole. Craving his fullness, I rocked back, encouraging him to work faster.

He was three fingers in when I froze, suddenly aware of two things. First, the headboard was banging against the wall. Loudly. And second? Muffled laughter echoed around us.

Looking at Devon, I mouthed, “What the fuck?”

Wincing, he spoke in a tone barely above a whisper. “There are cracks in the floorboards, and the walls are thin. I’m guessing people can hear us and possibly smell the pheromones if they’re directly above or below.”

Oh, hells no.

Scrambling off him, I scooted as close to the edge as I dared—only to slide back to the sagging crater in the center.

Devon was trying hard not to laugh. “We could always take the blankets and finish on the floor? It can’t be any harder than the mattress, and at least it doesn’t have the big dip.”

I stared at him like he was out of his damn mind. “Cracks in the floorboards, remember? They can still smell the pheromones and hear us, even if the headboard isn’t banging. I’ll order a new bed tomorrow and see about soundproofing. In the meantime, if you want to get laid, all of our nearest neighbors can have their bedrooms reassigned. Until then, the best I can offer is some fun in the shower when we wake up. But not tonight. I’m too traumatized.”

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About the Author:

I’m a happily married mom of one snarky teenage boy, and three grown “kids of my heart.” As a reader and big romance fan myself, I love sharing the stories of the different people who live in my imagination. My stories are filled with humor, a few tears, and the underlying message to not give up hope, even in the darkest of times, because life can change on a dime when you least expect it. This theme comes from a lifetime of lessons learned on my own hard journey through the pains of poverty, the loss of more loved ones than I’d care to count, and the struggles of living through chronic illnesses. Life can be hard, but it can also be good! Through it all I’ve found that love, laughter, and family can make all the difference, and that’s what I try to bring to every tale I tell.

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